A monthly webinar series that progresses solutions to reverse climate change through a paradigm shift to regenerative thinking

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Wednesday, March 31

9:00 AM PDT | 12:00 PM EDT | 5:00 PM BST

Why Tackling Gender Inequality is Key to Solving the Climate Crisis

The empowerment of women across our globe is not only vital to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, but is also one of the most promising means to reverse climate change. Rights-based solutions will be as critical to our planet’s future as the transition to renewable energy or the reduction of global food waste—ensuring universal access to education, and family planning for women and girls. Join our webinar to explore why climate change disproportionately affects women and how addressing gender equality through travel can be a leading solution to help stop global warming.

gender equality

Featured Speakers

Dr M. Jackson

Geographer at National Geographic

Dr. M Jackson is a geographer, glaciologist, TED Fellow, and National Geographic Society Explorer. M earned a doctorate from the University of Oregon where she examined how climate change transformed people and glacier communities in Iceland. M is the recipient of three U.S. Fulbright grants and a U.S. Fulbright Ambassadorship.

Anne De Villiers

Co-Founder of 
Chole Mjini Treehouse Lodge, Tanzania

Anne de Villiers is the co-owner of Chole Mjini in Tanzania. She is a development professional with a MSc. in Tropical Agricultural Development. Chole Mjini embodies a responsible tourism model and responsible marine encounters on Mafia Island, Tanzania that exist to bring real benefits to their communities and support wildlife and cultural heritage conservation.

Jacqueline McGlade

Professor at London’s Institute
 for Global Prosperity

Jacqueline is the Professor of Resilience and Sustainable Development at the University College London and Professor at the Maasai Mara University in Kenya. Her research encompasses the knowledge systems that express the dynamics of our planet and interactions that human societies have with the natural world to survive and prosper

Tansy Kaschak

Editor in Chief of A Hotel Life

Tansy is a New York-based, Brazilian-Italian journalist, artist, and advocate for sociopolitical and environmental urgencies. She is the Editor In Chief of award-winning travel and culture website A Hotel Life, and works on global creative projects and contributes to international media outlets.

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Support Regenerative Impact

Please consider making a small contribution in attending our webinar series. The contributions will be used to pay our speakers a small honorarium and remaining funds will be donated to organizations aligned with the goals of Project Drawdown’s climate change solutions and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Please consider making an optional contribution ($5 USD minimum) when registering to support our speakers and to increase our collective regenerative impact.

Episode 04


How Regenerative Ranching is Revitalizing Rangelands

Our panel will share insights from their time spent stewarding private lands, and explain how a growing community of ranchers across the world are healing ecosystems and addressing climate change through regenerative practices. Learn how travelers can support ranchers and the environmental management of rangelands, while forging a connection with these biodiverse landscapes.


Episode 03


Regenerative Travel Principles for Hospitality 

This webinar explores the “Regenerative Travel Principles for Hospitality White Paper” with Anna Pollock of Conscious Travel (a leading proponent of regenerative tourism), and Bill Reed of Regenesis Group (a leading firm in regenerative design). We discuss our white paper’s practical framework for moving Regenerative Travel from buzzword to paradigm shift and deep dive into case studies from African Bush Camp and Blue Apple Beach whose founders share how tourism can act as a transformative change agent, especially as we move from the current threat of the COVID-19 pandemic to the next imminent threat of climate change.


Anna Pollock

Founder of Conscious Travel

Anna has 45 years’ experience in tourism as an independent consultant, strategist, speaker and change agent. She founded Conscious Travel as an alternative model to mass industrial tourism that develops conscious hosts who can generate a higher net return for their business and host community.

Beks Ndlovu

Founder and CEO at African Bush Camp

Beks started his journey as a professional safari guide working for safari companies in Zimbabwe. After his success as a guide, he then took the plunge and started African Bush Camps, a successful portfolio of 8 luxury tented camps in Zimbabwe and Botswana and a foundation that supports rural communities around conservation areas. 

Bill Reed

Principal at Regenesis GRoup

Bill is an internationally recognized planning consultant, design process facilitator, lecturer, teacher, and author in sustainability and regeneration. He is a principal of Regenesis – a regenerative design, living systems integrator, and education organization. His work centers on creating the framework for and managing an integrative, whole and living system design process.

Portia Hart

Founder of Blue Apple Beach & Standard Bearer at Regenerative Travel

Portia is an entrepreneur and expert in hospitality in rapidly developing markets. Since 2015, founder of two boutique hotels including Blue Apple Beach, three beach clubs, two bars and a not-for-profit foundation in Cartagena, Colombia. She is now the Standard Bearer at Regenerative Travel working with Regenerative Resorts to implement data collection for the regenerative standard.

Episode 02


The Future of Travel In 2021

As we look ahead to the 2021, we ask leading travel thought leaders what the future holds as the world navigates opening up again post-pandemic. With the rollout of the vaccine, governmental regulations, and concerns over health, the long-lasting effects of the global pandemic will stand to affect travelers and business operations for years to come. The pandemic also brings an opportunity for travel companies to adapt and innovate as new trends emerge to the forefront based on travelers’ newfound priorities. Join our webinar to learn from our experts what’s in store for the future of tourism in 2021 and beyond.


Jenny Southan

Founder and Editor of Globetrender

Jenny Southan is editor and founder of Globetrender, a travel trend forecasting agency and online magazine dedicated to the future of travel. Globetrender offers bespoke consulting services, weekly trend briefings and deep dive trend reports available from globetrender.com/downloadsJenny is also a public speaker and freelance journalist who writes for publications including Conde Nast Traveller, The Telegraph and Mr Porter. Previously she was features editor of Business Traveller magazine for ten years.

Jeremy Smith

Co-Founder of Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency

Jeremy Smith is a writer, speaker and sustainable tourism consultant. He is co-founder of Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency, an initiative that supports tourism destinations, businesses and individuals in declaring a climate emergency and working together to reduce their carbon emissions in line with IPCC advice. He is the author of Transforming Travel – realizing the potential of sustainable tourism (2018), writes a fortnightly blog for World Travel Market, and is co-founder of Travindy.com.

Pavia Rosati

Founder and CEO of Fathom

Pavia Rosati is the founder and CEO of Fathom, the award-winning travel platform that delivers insider information to passionate travelers. She is the co-author of the book “Travel Anywhere (And Avoid Being a Tourist),” which has been published in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, France, and Estonia, and co-host of the podcast “A Way to Go.” Fathom finds the world’s best places, unlocking the world through inspirational stories, curated destination guides, and best-in-class resources. 

Serena Guen

Founder of SUITCASE

Multi-national Serena founded the award-winning SUITCASE remotely while in her third year at NYU. Her accolades include being named as Forbes 30 under 30 in 2017, 25 under 25 most influential Londoners by the Evening Standard, winning a Woman of the Future Award for media and Natwest’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award. She is also one of the co-founders of the #CookForSyria movement and cookbooks which generated global awareness for the Syrian crisis and raised over £1m for Unicef.

Episode 01


Creating living ecosystems with regenerative agritourism to combat climate change

About one-third of the world’s topsoil is already acutely degraded, and the United Nations estimates a complete degradation within 60 years if current practices continue. Going “beyond sustainable,” regenerative agricultural methodologies seek to add to the soil through a self-nourishing ecological system that benefits the environment in the process. Learn from leading experts including Diana Martin (Communications Director at Rodale Institute), Katharine Millonzi (Director at Millonzi Consulting), Ben Falk (Founder of Whole Systems Design) and Tom Morphew (Founder of Full Circle Farms Sussex) on how we can create a more resilient future through travel and agritourism. 

Diana Martin

Diana Martin

Communications Director at Rodale Institute

Since beginning her role at Rodale Institute, Diana’s career achievements include starting the Organic Farmers Association, launching the Regenerative Organic Certification with partners, expanding Rodale Institute to 7 locations in 4 states, beginning a new longterm research trial & consumer education on farming and clean water, and helping to create Rodale Institute’s farmer consulting program.

Katharine Millonzi

Director at Millonzi Consulting

Since 2007, Katharine has worked with leading organizations and entrepreneurial brands worldwide to execute effective strategies that support regenerative landscapes, ecological economies and more inclusive and resilient futures. She creates compelling, and context-sensitive experiences that expand awareness and make space for gathering around food, place, transformation and healing. 

Ben Falk

Ben Falk

Founder of Whole Systems Design

Ben developed Whole Systems Design as a land-based response to biological and cultural extinction and the increasing separation between people and elemental things. Life as a designer, builder, ecologist, tree-tender, and backcountry traveler continually informs Ben’s integrative approach to developing landscapes and buildings. He is also the author of the award-winning book the “Resilient Farm and Homestead”.

Tom Morphew

Founder of Full Circle Farms Sussex

Tom is the founder of Full Circle Farms, a truly unique farm based in West Sussex offering urban restaurants an opportunity to own and grow on their own plot of farmed land. Each plot is allocated a full farming team who work with the chefs to assess the restaurants requirements and grow and deliver the best produce for them.