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How to Avoid Overtouristed Destinations: Alternatives for a More Impactful Journey

Instagram and TikTok have a lot to answer for. Namely, for encouraging us all to visit certain places and inspiring us to take specific photos in particular spots. In small, considered quantities, this can be positive and shed light on deserving destinations that tourists wouldn’t otherwise consider visiting. 

Dominican Republic Commits To Protecting 30% Of Its Marine Environments By 2030

At the United Nations Ocean Conference held in Lisbon last month, the Dominican Republic announced plans to expand its protected marine areas to 30% by 2030.As part of the United Nation’s 30×30 movement, this commitment will help the Dominican government direct critical resources toward protecting the country’s unique ocean ecosystems.

5 Reasons to Visit the Zambezi River According to a Zimbabwean Safari Lodge Host

Often overshadowed by other large bodies of water in the world, the Zambezi River is a sight to behold and a force to be reckoned with. It’s the longest east-flowing river in Africa and the largest flowing into the Indian Ocean from Africa.

United Nations Ocean Conference 2022: Sustainable Oceans Alliance Celebrates Youth Innovation for Blue Economy Solutions

In order to restore and regenerate our ocean, we must invest in ambitious and imaginative solutions that will have an immediate impact on climate change, pollution reduction, blue carbon, and ecosystem preservation.

Discover Our New Member Hotels in Greece, Saint Lucia, South Africa and Tanzania

We are excited to welcome five new additions to the Regenerative Travel Hotel Community. The new hotel members – Manta Resort and Cherero Camp (Tanzania), Andronis Concept Wellness Resort (Greece), Bliss & Stars (South Africa), and Jade Mountain (Saint Lucia) – join an exceptional list of resorts handpicked for their dedication to the highest levels of social and environmental impact.

NOAH Regen and UNWTO Present: Blue Carbon Ecosystems for Regenerative Tourism featuring Regenerative Travel – June 28, 2022 in Lisbon

Regenerative Travel is proud to participate in the Side-Event at Forum Oceano during the United Nations Oceans Conference 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal hosted by Noah Regen and The United Nations World Tourism Organization.

Blue Travel: How Your Vacation Impacts The Ocean

For responsible travelers, ocean-safe tourism is about minimizing environmental damage while directing as many tourism-dollars-spent as possible towards marine conservation and bolstering coastal communities.

Celebrate World Ocean Month 2022

June 8th, 2022 marks World Oceans Day, with the month of June dedicated to honoring and celebrating our world’s oceans. To pay homage to and help protect the great life forces that our oceans represent, we’ve put together a round up of events and initiatives happening around the world. Join us in celebrating our world’s oceans and the precious ecosystems that they uphold.

5 Nature-Immersed Regenerative Hotels For Unforgettable Family Escapes

We’ve rounded up five exceptional regenerative hotels with activities that everyone will enjoy for perfect family escapes. Every hotel makes a conscious effort to positively impact its local community and environment.

A Pioneering Palate: Discover World-Renowned Chef Delicacies In Jamaica At Skylark Negril’s Culinary Weekends  

Chef Andre Fowles, Culinary Director at Skylark Negril Beach Resort, discusses Skylark’s charitable culinary weekends showcasing the gastronomic talents of guest chefs from diverse backgrounds with all proceeds going to the Rockhouse Foundation.

Regenerative Experiences

Our hotels create special experiences that are shaped by local communities and places

Cheesemaking on the Oasy Farm

As it peeks over the mountainous horizon, rise with the sun to start your day on the farm and get your hands stuck into a “from milk to cheese” process. Afterwards, enjoy the fresh cheese of your labour with a delicious lunch.

Fish the Wild Western Caribbean Coast with Local Fishermen

The secluded western Caribbean coast of Panama is wild and undeveloped, which is exactly what makes fishing these waters so remarkable. Local fishermen in Bocas del Toro fish year-round for snapper, jacks and barracuda.

Dive or Snorkel the Western Hemisphere’s longest continuous Barrier Reef

Explore the colourful underwater kingdom of the South Water Caye Marine Reserve, the largest marine reserve in Belize and part of the world’s second largest barrier reef. Teeming with rich biodiverse marine systems and wildlife, you can also expect to find beautiful coral reefs, seagrass meadows, and mangroves.

Release Baby Sea Turtles

Witness the release of baby sea turtles as they instinctively scamper into the waves toward their new lives of open-ocean roaming.

Track Wolves in the Oasy

Venture through over 2500 acres of the Oasy’s verdant nature reserve and trace the paths along which this predator stalks in search of prey, whilst not forgetting to check camera traps and learn the magnificent wolf’s habits and behaviors.

Fascinate with Legends of the Iditarod

Visit with the resident Sled Dog Team to learn the incredible stories and histories surrounding one of the world’s most challenging races, the Iditarod.

Witness 10,000 year old Icebergs

Each spring 10,000-year-old icebergs sail past Fogo Island’s shores before moving on to warmer waters. Enjoy a cocktail chilled by iceberg fragments while soaking in one of the rooftop hot tubs.

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Santorini, Greece
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"Samara is on a mission to restore the magic of South Africa's Great Karoo region through rewilding and responsible tourism, in order to catalyse the healing of this landscape for the benefit of people and planet."

Sarah & Mark Tompkins, Founders of Samara Private Game Reserve

“Gathering places have always been at the heart of what makes us human. I love to refer to the Third Place as an inspiration for Eaton—a place outside of work and home where one feels belonging.”

Katherine Lo, Founder of Eaton DC

"Our Inn is a community asset, and 100% of operating surpluses are reinvested into our community to help secure a sustainable and resilient future for Fogo Island, Newfoundland."

Zita Cobb, Innkeeper at Fogo Island Inn

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