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Regenerative Experiences

Our hotels create special experiences that are shaped by local communities and places

Cheesemaking on the Oasy Farm

As it peeks over the mountainous horizon, rise with the sun to start your day on the farm and get your hands stuck into a “from milk to cheese” process. Afterwards, enjoy the fresh cheese of your labour with a delicious lunch.

Fish the Wild Western Caribbean Coast with Local Fishermen

The secluded western Caribbean coast of Panama is wild and undeveloped, which is exactly what makes fishing these waters so remarkable. Local fishermen in Bocas del Toro fish year-round for snapper, jacks and barracuda.

Dive or Snorkel the Western Hemisphere’s longest continuous Barrier Reef

Explore the colourful underwater kingdom of the South Water Caye Marine Reserve, the largest marine reserve in Belize and part of the world’s second largest barrier reef. Teeming with rich biodiverse marine systems and wildlife, you can also expect to find beautiful coral reefs, seagrass meadows, and mangroves.

Release Baby Sea Turtles

Witness the release of baby sea turtles as they instinctively scamper into the waves toward their new lives of open-ocean roaming.

Track Wolves in the Oasy

Venture through over 2500 acres of the Oasy’s verdant nature reserve and trace the paths along which this predator stalks in search of prey, whilst not forgetting to check camera traps and learn the magnificent wolf’s habits and behaviors.

Fascinate with Legends of the Iditarod

Visit with the resident Sled Dog Team to learn the incredible stories and histories surrounding one of the world’s most challenging races, the Iditarod.

Witness 10,000 year old Icebergs

Each spring 10,000-year-old icebergs sail past Fogo Island’s shores before moving on to warmer waters. Enjoy a cocktail chilled by iceberg fragments while soaking in one of the rooftop hot tubs.

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Soufriere, Saint Lucia
Washington DC, USA
North America
Matetsi Private Game Reserve, Zimbabwe
Negril, Jamaica
Luxury Amenities
Negril, Jamaica
Cape Town, South Africa
Okavango Delta, Botswana
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Pokhara, Nepal
Isla Tierra Bomba, Colombia
South America
Sao Teotonio, Portugal
San Ignacio, Belize
Central America
The Great Karoo, South Africa
Luxury Amenities
Gangtey (Phobjikha) Valley
Luxury Amenities
Tuscany, Italy
Hopkins, Belize
Central America
Bocas del Toro, Panama
Central America
Langkawi, Malaysia
California, USA
North America
Bali, Indonesia
210 Main Road Joe Batt’s Arm Fogo Island, Newfoundland and Labrador A0G 2X0 Canada
North America
Alaska, USA
North America
Alaska, USA
North America
Juluchuca, Mexico
North America

Meet the Owners

"Samara is on a mission to restore the magic of South Africa's Great Karoo region through rewilding and responsible tourism, in order to catalyse the healing of this landscape for the benefit of people and planet."

Sarah & Mark Tompkins, Founders of Samara Private Game Reserve

“Gathering places have always been at the heart of what makes us human. I love to refer to the Third Place as an inspiration for Eaton—a place outside of work and home where one feels belonging.”

Katherine Lo, Founder of Eaton DC

"Our Inn is a community asset, and 100% of operating surpluses are reinvested into our community to help secure a sustainable and resilient future for Fogo Island, Newfoundland."

Zita Cobb, Innkeeper at Fogo Island Inn

Our Magazine

The Journey to Becoming B-Corp Certified with Portia Hart, The Trailblazing Founder of Blue Apple Beach in Cartagena

To celebrate Regenerative Travel’s first member hotel to be certified by the internationally honored B-Corp status, we recently caught up with Blue Apple Beach’s ambitious founder and owner, Portia Hart, about their incredible achievement and certification process.

A Pioneering Palate: Discover World-Renowned Chef Delicacies In Jamaica At Skylark Negril’s Culinary Weekends  

Chef Andre Fowles, Culinary Director at Skylark Negril Beach Resort, discusses Skylark’s charitable culinary weekends showcasing the gastronomic talents of guest chefs from diverse backgrounds with all proceeds going to the Rockhouse Foundation.

In The News: How Your Trip Can Make a Positive Impact on Local People Through Community-based Tourism

“Community-based tourism can reap great rewards. Done well, it enables local organizations to protect precious habitats, preserve unique culture and empower grassroots employees.” – National Geographic

Guided by Nature & Community: Meet The Hotels Championing Conservation

As part of Regenerative Travel’s ongoing efforts to educate and catalyze action, take a look at some of members’ most incredible conservation efforts and discover how your next vacation can be a part of the solution.

Celebrate Earth Week 2022

Celebrate Mother Earth by coming together and uniting in our belief to regenerate our Earth. We’ve put together Earth Month events happening across the United States hosted by our friends & member hotels. Join us in celebration of culture and community to be a force for good.

Embracing the Balance: Wellness for Women Driving Change with Future Found Sanctuary

p with Future Found Sanctuary’s inspiring Wellness Director, Romy Paull, about her understanding of global gender inequalities and her energetically-based advice for women finding their balance.

Samara Karoo: The Reserve on a Mission to Restore South Africa’s Semi-Desert Lands

From reintroducing spring-bok, lions, and elephants to planting over a million species of the carbon-sequestering “spekboom”, discover the incredible story of Samara Karoo from co-founder and owner, Sarah Tompkins.

Meet the 10 Female Hoteliers Defining the Future of Regenerative Hospitality

empower women and redefine the future of hospitality. To mark this year’s International Women’s Day, Regenerative Travel has been catching up with ten of our member’s trailblazing female hoteliers working to empower women and define the future of hospitality.

Meet Our New Hotels in Botswana, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, South Africa, USA, & Zimbabwe

From change-making urban concept hotels to the relaxed paradise of beachfront Caribbean destinations to sanctuaries to connect with nature and a sense of self in South Africa these new hotel members have been selected for their trailblazing experience offerings and dedication to the highest levels of social and environmental impact.

Pete Guinosso on Transformation Through Yoga and his Retreat at Playa Viva in Mexico (March 13-19, 2022)

Ahead of his retreat at Playa Viva in March 2022, yogi teacher, Pete Guinosso gave us an insight into the path that led him to yoga and what budding yogis can expect for their practice when they attend.

5 Wilderness Adventures For Intimate Wildlife Encounters

From the stunning marine species off the shores of Panama and Tanzania to the striking birds and wildlife of Belize and Malaysia, get up close and personal with some of the planet’s most spectacular biodiversity on one of Regenerative Travel’s holistically wild adventures.

4 Once-In-A-Lifetime Gastronomic Experiences Around The World

Some say that the art of food is life’s greatest joy. The simple pleasure of a well-cooked dish can evoke all the senses in a symphony of sensations.

5 Adventure Destinations To Put On Your Bucket List for 2022

Explore our top 5 destinations to sink your teeth into truly thrilling adventure experiences, from hiking pristine landscapes to snowshoeing and scuba diving. 

Regenerative Travel 2021 Impact Awards – Winners

The inaugural Regenerative Travel Impact Awards 2021 has seen an outstanding celebration of the spirit that underpins our mission of regeneration. Throughout our global search for changemakers, trailblazers and positive impact pioneers, we’ve been spoilt for choice with truly remarkable initiatives and individuals.

The Regenerative Travel Impact Awards 2021 — Regenerative Activist of the Year

A passionate campaigner recognized for their contributions to bring about social and environmental change.

The Regenerative Travel Impact Awards 2021 — Regenerative Travel Initiative of the Year

Initiatives in the travel and tourism sector that has drawn attention to social and environmental issues, inspiring action.

The Regenerative Travel Impact Awards 2021 — Food and Agriculture

Companies promoting healthy ecosystems and/ or restore food systems – improving land & food quality and availability, supporting farmers.

The Regenerative Travel Impact Awards 2021 — Conservation

Initiatives that restore and regenerate ecosystems, biodiversity, or critical species.

The Regenerative Travel Impact Awards 2021 — Climate

Innovative ideas that bring greenhouse gas emissions to zero (and beyond) or uplift nature’s carbon cycle.

The Regenerative Travel Impact Awards 2021 — Education

Projects that deepen or broaden education’s impact, promoting equity and understanding.

The Regenerative Travel Impact Awards 2021 — Health and Wellness

View the finalists for the Health & Wellness category featuring holistic and restorative approaches that promote well-being.

The Regenerative Travel Impact Awards 2021 — Community

View the finalists for the Community category featuring initiatives that promote equity and honor culture for vibrant, resilient communities.

The Regenerative Travel Impact Awards 2021 — Regenerative Hotel of the Year

Operations that are catalysts for change and are innovating hospitality to promote positive social and environmental impact.

The Key COP26 Takeaways for Travel and Tourism

From the Glasgow Declaration to the Net Zero Roadmap, Regenerative Travel explores the key takeaways from COP26 for travel and tourism. Taken together, the Roadmap reveals that despite significant challenges, there are indeed many opportunities for Travel & Tourism to decarbonise. If committing to follow the four action areas laid out in the framework, real progress can certainly be made, though it is now critical that collaboration is enhanced across the secto

John Hardy On Founding The Green School To Create A Global Community Of Young Sustainability Leaders

When sustainability is discussed, it is rarely done so in conjunction with primary and secondary education. Bucking that trend is The Green School, an educational academy whose methodology is focused on just that: bettering the environment.

Lo-TEK: Designer Julia Watson on Returning To Indigenous Design and Wisdom

For architect, urban design lecturer, and landscape designer Julia Watson, the answer to building climate-resilient structures lies in looking to tribal communities for design cues.

5 Of Our Favorite Cocktails Inspired By Regenerative Resorts Around The World

Check out these cocktail recipes shared by our featured regenerative resorts: Playa Viva in Mexico, Winterlake Lodge in Alaska, Fogo Island Inn in Canada, and  Chaa Creek and Hamanasi Resort, both in Belize.

Stephen Satterfield of Netflix’s ‘High On The Hog’ On Travel and Regeneration

For food writer, producer, and media entrepreneur Stephen Satterfield, food is a means of better understanding humans and the world. In 2016, Satterfield founded Whetstone, a groundbreaking magazine and media company dedicated to food origins and culture from around the world. 

Jeremy Jauncey: How The Most Influential Traveler Uses Storytelling As A Force For Good

Since Jeremy Jauncey founded Beautiful Destinations in 2012, the travel marketing and media company’s focus on sustainability evolved with Jauncey’s exposure to the realities of responsible travel.

6 Regenerative Resorts Dedicated To Saving Our Oceans

Be an eco-savvy traveler and explore these 6 regenerative resorts that are making a difference through their ocean conservation efforts.

Kelp: Why We Should Eat More According to Fisherman, Restaurateur and Dock To Dish Co-founder Sean Barrett

Dock To Dish co-founder Sean Barrett is embarking on a new mission – to get us excited about kelp, one of the ocean’s most ingenious crops.

Top 8 Biodynamic Wineries Arould The World

From Italy to Spain to France to Chile, take a tour of the best biodynamic wine producers and vintners from around the globe.

Top 6 Foraging Experiences at Regenerative Resorts

Few experiences in nature are more rewarding than foraging. More than simply a search for local edibles, foraging is a sensory experience.

Top 5 Biodiversity Destinations To Explore Nature at Regenerative Resorts

Living classrooms await at one of our Regenerative Resorts, nestled in some of the world’s most biologically diverse pockets.

Recognizing Spiritual Commodification In Wellness And The Digital Age

How may our wellness routines be contributing to the spiritual commodification of Indigenous heritages and cultures around the world?

5 Impactful Ways Travel Can Benefit Your Mental Health

See how traveling benefits your mental health by offering a much-needed break from the worries of daily life and reinvigorating mind and spirit.

Nathalie Kelley On Changing The Way We Travel, Being An Aspiring Regenerative Human, And The Brilliance Of Fungi

“Sustainability implies maintaining the status quo and the status quo is: we’re facing mass species extinction, glaciers are melting. But at this point we’re so far gone that that’s not enough,” urges Nathalie Kelley.

Eco-Anxiety During the Climate Crisis: What It Is And How To Navigate It

Feeling blue about the future of green? Eco-anxiety, climate grief, eco-distress, climate anxiety, eco-guilt, climate rage – these are all justifiable responses to the climate emergency.

8 Sustainable Liquors To Add To Your Bar Cart

The inside of your fridge has already gotten an organic makeover. Isn’t it about time your liquor cabinet got a sustainable upgrade too?

Meet Biophile: The Skincare Brand Pioneering Fermented Beauty

Since its launch in late 2019, Biophile has been revitalizing the beauty industry with its focus on bio-fermentation to create microbiome-supporting skincare.

Bringing The Outdoors Inside: The Wellness Benefits Of Biophilic Design

The desire to create spaces built for more than just efficiency has given way to the future of the industry: Biophilic design.

How Craveiral Farmhouse In Portugal is a Family Legacy

Craveiral Farmhouse owner Pedro Franca Pinto, a thoughtful natured Portugese lawyer, shares his journey with Regenerative Travel.

5 Women’s Getaway Trips To Plan For This Summer

Reunite with girlfriends from across the globe, longtime friends and closest family – it’s time to plan the women’s getaway we all deserve.

A Field Guide To Medicinal Herbs For Healing With Mary Gonzalez Of Sweet Mountaintop Farm

For centuries people have turned to herbal remedies and healing botanicals to help live cleaner, healthier lives. Carpinteria-based farm Sweet Mountaintop continues to keep that tradition alive.

How Regenerative Ranching is Revitalizing Rangelands

How regenerative ranching can help conserve biodiversity, reverse climate change, and deepen a connection between people, animals, and land.

How Forests Without Frontiers Is Regenerating The Ancient Carpathian Mountains With Art

Forests Without Frontiers is a nonprofit organization set up to reforest and rewild degraded land – with the help of music and arts.

Playa Viva Founder David Leventhal on His Ten Year Regenerative Journey

Amanda Ho interviewed her Regenerative Travel co-founder, David Leventhal, to discuss his regenerative journey at Playa Viva

How Oasy Hotel Is Regenerating Italian Woodlands with WWF Through Social Impact and Agriculture

Oasy Hotel talks with us about local conservation, the hotel’s philosophy, and the fascinating history of the land.

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