Regenerative Travel Principles for Hospitality White Paper

Written byLaura Field

We are at a turning point as a human species to reverse the trajectory of climate change with an urgent call to repair and replenish the damage to our environment and our communities.

Regenerative principles are emerging as the future of tourism with the potential and capacity to create better conditions for people and life to flourish.

This white paper leverages case studies from hotels who might be practicing regeneration without explicitly using the terminology; plus a lexicon of “regenerative terminology” so readers can go from the theoretical to the practical applications of Regenerative Travel as a force for positive change.  

We invite you to join the journey of co-evolution through regeneration as we build our framework on the regenerative principles for hospitality.

The report includes case studies and insights from the following experts:

This white paper was produced in collaboration with CatchOn, a Finn Partners Company, which is a brand communications consultancy with offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai. It is part of Finn Partners, a global integrated PR and marketing agency with a travel practice that consists of top PR pros in Destination Marketing, Lodging, Aviation, and more. Their 100+ person travel group spans the globe with offices in the United States, the United Kingdom/Europe and Asia.

Download the white paper today and join us in the paradigm shift to Regenerative Hospitality.

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