Hotel Best Practices for Water Conservation, Sourcing and Management

Written byLaura Field

Water, as the driving life force of our planet, defines the way communities and businesses alike operate. Our survival depends on sufficient water management strategies.

Studies have found that current water usage methods are not sustainable when considering population growth trends and climate change. A United Nations World Water Development Report urges for a rethinking of wastewater management systems, in order to alleviate the serious consequences that could potentially arise.

As part of our ongoing commitment to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the travel and hospitality sector, Regenerative Travel is producing a series of Best Practice Papers to create an actionable knowledge base within the travel industry.

This Best Practice Paper focuses on Water Conservation, Sourcing and Management. The paper includes two best performer case studies showcasing Jade Mountain Resort in Saint Lucia and Tranquilo Bay in Panama. Both properties are 100% water self-sufficient and use techniques such as rainwater harvesting, plant-based wastewater treatment, and watershed preservation to achieve this. 

The paper also offers practical tips for hotels aspiring to become entirely water self-sufficient with insights from Regenerative Hotels including African Bush Camps, Gangtey Lodge, Future Found Sanctuary, Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge, Emboo River Camp, Eaton DC, and The Datai.

The paper is intended to act as a practical guide for hospitality professionals to be inspired to reduce their use of water, ensuring the quality of wastewater, and provides actionable tips for how to implement these changes.

We published this paper in partnership with Weeva, a digital sustainability management system designed for the tourism industry. The Weeva platform enables users to capture, consolidate and visualize their data, centralized and secured in the Cloud.

Download our Best Practice Paper today and start your journey towards 100% water self-sufficiency in your operations. 


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