Regenerative Resorts Membership

Regenerative Travel was born from the need of one hotelier both to connect with other properties that shared a commitment to tourism practices that actively improves its environmental surroundings and its stakeholders, and to make it easy for their conscious travelers more easily to find values-aligned hotels. Regenerative Resorts is built by hoteliers for hoteliers in order to share a similar approach to doing business the right way, being an attractive place to stay, a willingness to share best practice so that the entire travel community can move towards regeneration and an equal commitment to social justice and human equality as to environmental preservation.

Membership Criteria

Regenerative Travel membership is based on “aspiration” and “constant improvement” not based on set or static achievements. This starts with the owner’s values and the property’s operating philosophy. Leading properties have a responsibility to set the standards and push innovation, meanwhile aspiring properties deserve a platform to start their journey towards best practices. Before applying, we ask all interested properties to undertake an honest self assessment and to apply only once they meet the following criteria. We will not request documented proof of every point, but you may be questioned on how you can demonstrate fulfillment certain criteria during the interview stage of your application. To view our full membership criteria click HERE.

Honors Place

Your operation is harmonious and integrated with its surroundings and is respectful/inclusive of and sensitive to the natural environment, history and culture. Your property is welcomed by the local community and provides economic and professional opportunities to local people. Your hotel is not a ‘vacuum’ where guest activities within the confines of the hotel are prohibited or offensive to local customs.

Provides Real Hospitality

Your hotel makes every effort to provide all guests with an outstanding and personal experience, regardless of your price-point or star rating. Your hotel has staff dedicated to guest experiences and welfare. All guests have the opportunity for personal interaction with staff members that go beyond standard administrative and logistical job functions, and staff are encouraged to converse on a personal level with your guests.

Is Inclusive and Egalitarian

Your hotel is overtly welcoming of all people, both as employees and as guests, and you work consciously to even out the current imbalance for underrepresented communities. Your hotel has published anti-discrimination, equal pay policies and monitors staff demographics. Your hotel has no policy that results in unequal reception or treatment of guests based on any criteria.

Operates Responsibly & Ethically

Your hotel shows sound ethical values in every element of operations, taking into account the wellbeing of communities and ecosystems of which you are a part, and has a system in place to assess your supply chain. Your hotel staff are properly contracted and receive social security, insurance and training. If animals are a part of your operation or guest experiences, their participation is appropriate and they are well cared for.

Respects Local & Global Ecosystems

Your hotel shows sound ethical values, consideration in every element, has assessed and is aware of any negative environmental impact you may have and shows commitment to reducing or mitigating such impact. Your hotel monitors water use, energy use and waste production, and avoids single use plastic. Your hotel sorts waste, sending all waste that can be recycled, upcycled, composted or diverted from landfill to the appropriate local center.

Communicates Regenerative Values & Practices

You are proud to be a socially and environmentally responsible company and it is a part of your corporate identity, shared with all stakeholders, from suppliers, and staff to customers and neighbors. Your sustainable or regenerative practices or ethos are visible on your online channels and social media. You are confident that customers and staff are aware of and could articulate your commitment to your property’s regenerative standards to guests.

What is the application process?

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You will be asked to honestly consider whether your property meets the minimum criteria above and whether you can demonstrate this before applying. If you don’t, then use these criteria as a benchmark to work towards, before applying.

If you are confident that your property meets the minimum criteria and that you can (if asked) demonstrate how, please complete the Application Form (HERE).

On receiving your application, our team will review your online channels, including your website, social media, blogs, reviews and coverage in publications to establish if your external brand identity is cohesive with our values. If it is not, we will let you know so that you can work on your outward communications and apply again in the future.

If your online identity is synergic with the Regenerative Travel ethos, we will contact you to set up a meeting with the owner, significant shareholder or primary decision maker.  

Hotels which do not yet meet the minimum criteria but would like access to the community, or hotels which meet the minimum criteria, but have not been immediately approved for Committed Membership and need to submit data for a trial period.

After a successful interview, you will be designated as an Aspiring property for a period of up to 6 months.  During this time, you will be asked to submit documented evidence of your property’s commitment to regenerative practices, such as sustainability reports, membership to or accreditation by other organisations and hard data. 

If you do not have sufficient supporting documentation or data, you will be requested to submit data via the Greenview Portal for a period of time.

Once we have reviewed your supporting documentation or you have entered data into the Greenview Portal for the required period of time, your property will be designated as a Committed Regenerative Property.

As a Committed Regenerative Property, you will be required to submit specific data into our data collection portal (Greenview) on a monthly basis for group benchmarking purposes. 

You will also be required to participate actively in the Regenerative Travel community, sharing best practices with other Committed and Aspiring Properties.

Additional Information

We will be accepting new members for 2021 on a rolling basis. 
Additional Materials:

Membership Presentation – Download HERE

2021 Marketing Program for Hotels – Download HERE

Membership Fee Calculator – Access HERE.

If you are ready to send in your Regenerative Resorts application, submit your application HERE.

Please contact Amanda Ho if you have any questions about the application process at [email protected]