TTG Media: The Industry Needs To Focus On Regenerative Travel + Future of Wellness Trends 2021

April Hutchinson, Editor-In-Chief of TTG Media writes about how “The Industry Needs To Focus On Regenerative Travel” in her latest news piece spotlighting our white paper.

“A new “primer for regenerative travel” is seeking to explore how the industry should be moving beyond sustainability to look at loftier goals of “regeneration”, whereby projects seek to give back more than they ever take out in a tourism context

The Regenerative Travel Principles for Hospitality whitepaper has been created by Amanda Ho and explores the context of the growing concept, and looks at hotels and resorts which already operate in this way at their core such as Fogo Island Inn in Newfoundland, Canada and Playa Viva in Mexico.

“From a very simplistic standpoint – being green is about doing less damage, sustainability is reaching net neutral, but regeneration is actually making it better,” said Ho, who poses that the pandemic should be used as a chance to come back with a more thoughtful approach to tourism and development of regenerative travel policies.

Ho is co-founder of Regenerative Travel, a collection of carefully vetted hotels and resorts including Playa Viva, which was started by David Leventhal, Ho’s co-founder in Regenerative Travel.”

Read the full story here.

New York Times journalist, Elaine Glusac reports on The Year of the Travel Reset in “The Future of Wellness Trends Report for 2021” for the Global Wellness Summit.

“In the previous fallow year of travel, many in the industry talked about building back better. For some, that meant practicing more sustainability, or balancing the impacts on communities and the environment. For others, the picture expanded to regenerative travel, or leaving a place better than you found it.

Regenerative Travel, a global collection of more than 40 regenerative resorts in 24 countries devoted to ‘positive social and environmental impact,’ recently rolled out a benchmarking system for hotels to scale their progress toward regeneration. ‘The key indicators we look for in all of our hotels include locally sourced food, resource management, environmental and social initiatives, immersive activities that open up the destination from a local’s perspective, and a ‘sense of place’ in its design that embodies the environment and destination it is located in, said Amanda Ho, co-founder of the company.

Coming in 2022, north of the Arctic Circle in Norway, the over-fjord Svart lodge models regeneration with plans to be energy positive, producing more solar power than it needs to operate. Despite such promising projects, regenerative travel remains more goal than achievement presently, as travelers reckon with the carbon footprints created by travel even in reaching the most sustainable or regenerative destinations. But it has sparked more awareness in travelers to ask questions about sustainability.

“It really says to travelers, travel mindfully or consciously, look for companies that are sustainable and are going beyond to become regenerative,” said Anna Pollock, a researcher, travel consultant and founder of the website Conscious Travel. “On the business side, it’s how can we create a community of people engaged in an economic activity that delivers so much more than it takes out of the system.”

Both Ho and Pollock shared their unique perspectives on how tourism will be reset and future-proofed going forward in special one-on-one interviews with Cathy Chon, managing partner, CatchOn, FINN Partners, during the 2020 GWS.”

Download the full report by Global Wellness Summit here.

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