Samara Karoo: The Reserve on a Mission to Restore South Africa’s Semi-Desert Lands

From reintroducing spring-bok, lions, and elephants to planting over a million species of the carbon-sequestering “spekboom”, discover the incredible story of Samara Karoo from co-founder and owner, Sarah Tompkins.

Meet the 10 Female Hoteliers Defining the Future of Regenerative Hospitality

empower women and redefine the future of hospitality. To mark this year’s International Women’s Day, Regenerative Travel has been catching up with ten of our member’s trailblazing female hoteliers working to empower women and define the future of hospitality.

Meet Our New Hotels in Botswana, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, South Africa, USA, & Zimbabwe

From change-making urban concept hotels to the relaxed paradise of beachfront Caribbean destinations to sanctuaries to connect with nature and a sense of self in South Africa these new hotel members have been selected for their trailblazing experience offerings and dedication to the highest levels of social and environmental impact.

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International Women’s Day 2023: Key Lessons from Leading Women Striving to Further Regenerative Tourism

To mark International Women’s Day 2023, we caught up with some of the women leading the way in the travel industry, from hoteliers to travel advisors, to hear about their key learnings and what advice they want to impart on others working towards the paradigm shift to a more regenerative, climate-friendly approach to travel.  

Permaculture, Surfing, and Slow Living at Ngalung Kalla: Life on Indonesia’s ‘Forgotten Island’

Worlds away from the swarming beaches of Bali, in Indonesia’s remote East Nusa Tenggara, lies the island of Sumba, fittingly dubbed the ‘forgotten island’. World-class surf, a strong Austronesian and Melanesian cultural identity of intrepid seafaring people, and untouched foliage make Sumba one of the last frontiers of true South East Asian wilderness.

How to Combine Travel and Philanthropy, a Lesson From Jamaica

Committed to responsible travel since its opening in 1994, the boutique Rockhouse Hotel sits on Jamaica’s glistening Negril coast. It’s perched atop cliffs overlooking the aptly-named Pristine Cove, the same cliffs enjoyed by Bob Marley and The Rolling Stones in the 70s.

The Rise of Regenerative Hospitality

“Regeneration” is going to be one of the main keywords of 2023. Within the rise of the regenerative economy, Regenerative Hospitality is predicted to have a dramatic impact on the industry. We hear from Dr Alessandro Inversini, Associate Professor in Marketing at EHL Hospitality Business School, who discusses his research and findings in the field of Regenerative Hospitality.

Looking Back on 2022 with Regenerative Travel

Condé Nast Traveler – Bright Ideas in Travel 2022