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Hotel Aguas Claras Debuts Deluxe Luxury Bungalows: Discover a Surfer’s Oasis on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast

Located in the pristine shores of Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast lies Playa Chiquita, a hidden gem that captivates travelers with its unspoiled beauty and a unique fusion of tranquility and tropical vibrancy. It is here that the enchanting Hotel Aguas Claras unfolds its story amidst the whispers of rustling palm leaves and the rhythmic lull of the Caribbean waves.

The Standard – How to spot greenwashing (and other sustainable travel buzzwords you need to know)

In Juliet Kinsman’s insightful article, she delves into the multifaceted realm of responsible travel and sustainability, unraveling the complexities often obscured by common buzzwords and clichés. Her goal is to equip readers with a comprehensive understanding of key terms, enabling them to discern between tour operators and hotels that authentically prioritize ethical practices and those merely paying lip service to sustainability.

Advancing Regenerative Principles: Key Design Thinking Takeaways from the Summit

Following our Regenerative Travel Summit 2023, where we convened thought leaders, innovators, and change-makers from across the globe, our primary focus was singular: “How do we instill regenerative principles into the daily lives of travelers?” The insights from this groundbreaking summit will be explored in this article, highlighting the emerging thematic clusters.

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Expert Tips and Inspiration for Planning Your Next Safari Adventure

The experience of observing wild animals roam freely and being immersed in some of the world’s most diverse ecosystems can be life changing. Witnessing the fastest animal on earth hunt down a kill, having a close encounter with a gorilla, and gasping over the sights of baby elephants are unforgettable experiences. If you are planning your first safari adventure, this article will give you tips on where to start. If you are a seasoned safari enthusiast, it will offer inspiration on where to go next.

Personalization is the Key to Regenerative Travel: Amanda Ho in Conversation with Juliet Kinsman

As part of Bodyism’s Body Talks series, Amanda Ho, CEO of Regenerative Travel, joined Condé Nast Traveller’s Sustainability Editor, Juliet Kinsman for a discussion about luxury and eco-travel retreats, sustainability and regeneration, and how we can be more thoughtful and responsible travelers. 

A Definitive Guide to Regenerative Hotels for Your Honeymoon

From the anticipation of walking down the aisle to the excitement of heading to the airport, a honeymoon celebrates a new chapter in life. It invites newlyweds to unabashedly bask in receiving special treatment and make memories to reminisce for anniversaries to come.

Celebrating Women in Regeneration 2024 for International Women’s Day

This year for International Women’s Day we highlight the innovative achievements of women across the globe who are part of the Regenerative Travel Community. Their leading contributions to social, economic, cultural, and political spheres show promise for a more equitable world

Embrace the Winter Chill at Regenerative Travel Destinations

As winter settles into the Northern Hemisphere, it often brings a touch of melancholy, tempting us to hibernate until spring arrives. Beat the winter blues by indulging in these winter escapes, which will make you forget all about short days and freezing temperatures. Whether you yearn for a winter wonderland worthy of a Christmas card, a snug city retreat, or mountain adventures, there is an option for everyone. 

Regenerative Travel at ITB Berlin 2024

We’re proud to share that our 
Co-Founder & CEO Amanda Ho will be participating at ITB Berlin 2024 on March 7, 2024. Amanda will be speaking in the panel, The Right Message in Tourism:
Making Genuine ESG Claims with: Hazel McGuire from Intrepid Travel, Victoria
Knauer Hansen from GreenSign, Rob Holmes from GLP Films and Tonya Fitzpatrick from World Footprint.