Celebrating Wythe Hotel as the first New York Regenerative Hotel™ member leading the way in urban regeneration

Wythe Hotel is the first hotel member in New York for Regenerative Travel, a community of hotels dedicated to regenerative tourism. The hotel’s undertaking of regenerative hospitality is evident through its efforts towards achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By preserving history, promoting inclusivity, restoring ecosystems, reducing waste, and prioritizing health and well-being, Wythe Hotel is contributing to a more sustainable and equitable future for all

Key Lessons from 3 Caribbean Hotels Leading the Way in Regenerative Practices

We explore leading examples of regenerative tourism practices being implemented by three Caribbean hotels such as Hamanasi Resort in Belize, Jade Mountain in Saint Lucia and Rockhouse Hotel in Jamaica at our panel discussion hosted by Davines in Brooklyn, New York. These organizations are not only adopting regenerative practices, but they are also helping to educate people on the importance of sustainability and creating programs to put regulations in place.

How Regenerative Safaris Can Help Preserve Wild Places and Empower Local Communities

“Regenerative safaris” offer a new approach to travel that prioritizes sustainability, community involvement, and education. In a panel discussion that Regenerative Travel held for Earth Day 2023 moderated by Barbara Buchel – Co-Founder & Chief Impact Officer of Viatu, a founding Agency of Change at Davines in Brooklyn, New York, experts highlighted how regenerative safaris offer an opportunity for travelers to make conscious choices and work towards doing more good for the planet and its inhabitants.

The Spirit of Salmon Fishing in Alaska at Within the Wild’s Tutka Bay Lodge 

Along a nine-mile stretch near Alaska’s historic Herring Islands in the serene Kachemak Bay State Park lies Within the Wild’s magnificent Tutka Bay Lodge. The adventure lodge was founded in 1983 when Kirsten Dixon and her husband, Carl, decided to leave their medical careers and embark on one of their great dreams: to live a life closer to nature.

The Tanzanian Safari Camp Empowering Women and Creating Community-Based Change

In the vast expanse of Tanzania’s Musabi Plains, with their golden grasslands and rock formations, lies Cherero Camp, one of Kantabile Afrika’s two eco-friendly dwellings. The camp is located in a remote part of the Serengeti National Park, providing scenic views, while offering guests the opportunity to experience the rich biodiversity of Tanzania and enjoy the art of conscious luxury.

How to Combine Travel and Philanthropy, a Lesson From Jamaica

Committed to responsible travel since its opening in 1994, the boutique Rockhouse Hotel sits on Jamaica’s glistening Negril coast. It’s perched atop cliffs overlooking the aptly-named Pristine Cove, the same cliffs enjoyed by Bob Marley and The Rolling Stones in the 70s.

The Rise of Regenerative Hospitality

“Regeneration” is going to be one of the main keywords of 2023. Within the rise of the regenerative economy, Regenerative Hospitality is predicted to have a dramatic impact on the industry. We hear from Dr Alessandro Inversini, Associate Professor in Marketing at EHL Hospitality Business School, who discusses his research and findings in the field of Regenerative Hospitality.

Looking Back on 2022 with Regenerative Travel

From engaging events to informative content, insightful resources and inspiring in-person connections, 2022 has been a fruitful year for Regenerative Travel. We’re grateful for our community and to be able to facilitate and support the important work taking place to transform the travel industry.