Impact Awards 2023

Amanda Ho | Regenerative Travel

Regenerative Travel 2023 Impact Awards – Winners

The Impact Awards celebrated people and projects that had embodied the spirit of regeneration—improving people’s lives, our communities, and the world around us. We had searched the globe for inspiring changemakers who had worked to solve our biggest challenges and had inspired positive action, both inside and outside of travel. Without further ado, the winners of the Impact Awards 2023.

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Emi Vilas Bôas

The Regenerative Travel Impact Awards 2023 – Regenerative Travel Initiative of the Year

As we contemplate the evolving landscape of travel, the Regenerative Travel Impact Awards take center stage, recognizing and celebrating those who are spearheading the adoption of regenerative practices within the industry. At the heart of this movement is the distinguished “Travel Initiative of the Year” award, which showcases an exceptional endeavor that not only sets the standard for driving positive change through travel but also inspires others to follow suit.

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