Pioneering in Pokhara, Nepal: The Story of Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge

Historically a commercial hub connecting India and Tibet, Pokhara evolved to be a metropolitan city with far more to offer than just trade. Tucked into the Himalayas and sitting on the picturesque Phewa Lake, Pokhara let nature lead the way. The name for Nepal’s second largest city comes from the Nepali word “Pokhari” meaning “pond” so it’s no surprise that natural formations are Pokhara’s greatest protagonist.

The Tanzanian Safari Camp Empowering Women and Creating Community-Based Change

In the vast expanse of Tanzania’s Musabi Plains, with their golden grasslands and rock formations, lies Cherero Camp, one of Kantabile Afrika’s two eco-friendly dwellings. The camp is located in a remote part of the Serengeti National Park, providing scenic views, while offering guests the opportunity to experience the rich biodiversity of Tanzania and enjoy the art of conscious luxury.

How to Combine Travel and Philanthropy, a Lesson From Jamaica

Committed to responsible travel since its opening in 1994, the boutique Rockhouse Hotel sits on Jamaica’s glistening Negril coast. It’s perched atop cliffs overlooking the aptly-named Pristine Cove, the same cliffs enjoyed by Bob Marley and The Rolling Stones in the 70s.