Rebecca Braak – Rebecca Adventure Travel
The responsible travel goals are to be as socially, ecologically, and economically responsible as possible. This is not only important for our guests, but it is also important for our team to make sure our business has a positive effect on the countries.
Rebecca Braak – Rebecca Adventure Travel

Get to know Rebecca Braak – Rebecca Adventure Travel

Destination and regional expertise:

Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, Andes, Colombia, Amazon and Peru

Type of travel:

Adventure, Nature, Culture, Family, Custom and Small Group Experiences.

What makes your travel planning regenerative?

Rebecca Adventure Travel works with local family-owned hotels and transportation to stimulate the economy and intercultural learning when tourists come to visit South America.


In order to satisfy these aims there are different initiatives that providers, employees, and guests are following on the three types of impacts (Environmental, Economic, and Social).


Traveling is an amazing experience that can change you and your perspectives. It helps you to discover new cultures and connect with new people. However, when traveling we have to do so responsibly to maintain our destination’s natural beauty.

All the tours on Rebecca Adventure Travel are designed with lots of care for the wellbeing of the local community, eye for details and with Hidden Treasures of the local culture and nature.
At Rebecca Adventure Travel, we are an experienced team combined with Ecuadorians and foreigners, with multiple cultural backgrounds, and travel experience. Our mission is to create authentic and adventurous experiences for you and every world-minded traveler.

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