Jason Sarracini – Landsby
If we want to evolve as an industry, the only way forward is to travel responsibly and with purpose. We are a work-in-progress and there is a lot of growth ahead of us. We will succeed by engaging, collaborating with and promoting like-minded businesses.
Jason Sarracini – Landsby

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Adventure, Nature, Culture, Family, Custom and Small Group Experiences

What makes your travel planning regenerative?

Landsby is actively focused on creating systemic change in the Canadian travel industry by working with local partners, amplifying the work of small tourism businesses and encouraging enriching travel that builds connections between community and traveler. 


As part of Landsby’s commitment to working closely with Indigenous partners, the company has signed the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada pledge to make Canadian the global leader in Indigenous tourism by 2030. 


Through its storytelling, customer service and product development, Landsby strives to promote businesses that are focused on sustainability, authenticity and positive local development.

I have spent over 20 years in the travel industry. Born and raised in Toronto, I have influenced many areas of the travel industry including retail, wholesale, media and technology. I founded Landsby in 2020, a division of my family travel company, OST.travel.
Landsby – a name derived from the Nordic word for ‘village’ – is an award-winning Canadian travel company with one driving principle: we are stronger when we work together. Landsby partners with large and small Canadian tourism partners to create unique and authentic experiences that not only provide travelers with purposeful, immersive trips but positively impact the communities being explored. Landsby is supporting and rebuilding Canada’s tourism sector through innovative collaborations, storytelling and a focus on Indigenous and regenerative travel.

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