Gayle Higginbotham – Oculus Travel
I believe in the principle of longtermism that upholds the value that present generations have the responsibility to conserve and build our environment for the benefit of future generations.
Gayle Higginbotham – Oculus Travel

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Destination and regional expertise:

Africa and Central America

Type of travel:

Luxury, adventure, conservation, safari, wildlife

What makes your travel planning regenerative?

We work with properties and service providers who prioritize environmental, conservational and local community development, ensuring that the people and places visited by our clients are benefitted, rather than harmed, by the experience.


When selecting partners to work with, we carefully consider whether the partner will ensure that the funds raised from tourist dollars will be funneled back into the local community and economy, rather than being rolled up into a global conglomerate with headquarters far from the destination. 


We also meticulously check whether the property’s staff are hired locally, trained and promoted, and whether the partner has substantial sustainable operations that support local community, environmental conservation programs, and whether they seek to continually improve and lighten their carbon footprint. All of these criteria are carefully analyzed as well as whether the property will provide the authentic, high-end experiences that our clients expect and pay for.

Inspired by the concept of “seeing”, Oculus Travel takes a deeply personalized approach to ensure our clients feel taken care of and understood. We’ll work with you to download the image in your mind’s eye, and develop an itinerary that brings your vision to life. Oculus provides comfort and convenience by partnering with leading in-territory experts, ensuring you’re supported throughout the travel process, providing confidence that your trip is carried out to perfection, with added support locally while you’re on the road.
I’m delighted to share the enrichment that Africa has provided me personally, with those seeking to discover, explore and cherish the continent in a similar way. New York based, but raised in South Africa, my knowledge as a local, seasoned African traveler allows me to understand exact client needs. Additionally, my expert local travel network enables me to match the perfect partner to meet and exceed client expectations.

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