It all started in 2013 when David Leventhal realized that guests who were staying at Playa Viva, his boutique hotel in Mexico expressed it was difficult to find similar ethos driven eco-luxury resorts around the world. A few years later, he met Amanda Ho, the founder of a travel magazine who was passionate about covering sustainable hospitality in her storytelling. They connected deeply on understanding the increased desire for values-driven experiences, and went on to partner and create Regenerative Travel in 2019.  


“We exist to inspire people to reconnect with intimate experiences and adventures. We stand for the deep, powerful connection that comes with these experiences whether taken alone, or shared with those we care most about. 

With our visionary, sustainable destinations, no two interactions will ever be the same, making it easy and accessible for those who love to actively make a positive change in the world do so, knowing they are creating lasting impact for generations to come all around the world.”

-Amanda Ho & David Leventhal


Each Regenerative Resort is selected to join the collection based on their dedication to environmental and social impact. Our hotels embody the standards below:

Honors Place

Our operations are harmonious and integrated with their surroundings and sensitive to the natural environment, history and culture. 

Provides Real Hospitality

We make every effort to provide all guests with outstanding and personal experiences that are authentic and respectful. 

Is Inclusive and Egalitarian

We welcome all people and work consciously to even out the current imbalance for underrepresented communities. 

Operates Responsibly & Ethically

We show sound ethical values in every element of operations, taking into account the wellbeing of communities and ecosystems of which we are a part of.

Respects Local & Global Ecosystems

We have assessed and are aware of any negative environmental impact we may have and show commitment to reducing such impact. We monitor water use, energy use and waste production, and avoids single use plastic. 

Communicates Regenerative Values & Practices

We are proud to be socially and environmentally responsible companies and this is a part of our corporate identity, shared with all stakeholders, from suppliers, and staff to customers and neighbors.


Amanda Ho

Co-Founder & Brand Director

Born and raised in New York, Amanda is the Co-Founder and Brand Director of Regenerative Travel. Previously as the founder of a multi-media lifestyle publication, Amanda honed her craft as a storyteller, producer and creative strategist for luxury hospitality and real estate companies, tourism boards and lifestyle brands with a passion for sustainability.

David Leventhal

Co-Founder & Brand Champion

David’s background is in sales and marketing in emerging media and technology. Over the last 20 years, his endeavors have focused on real estate and hospitality and follow his values for regenerative impact. Through Playa Viva and Regenerative Travel, he has endeavored to leverage hospitality to bring capital to work in improving ecosystems.

Portia Hart

Standard Bearer

Portia is an entrepreneur and expert in hospitality in rapidly developing markets, specifically in Latin America. Since 2015, founder of two boutique hotels, three beach clubs, two bars and a not-for-profit foundation in Cartagena, Colombia. The foundation specializes in the promotion of sustainability in the local tourism industry.

Alexandra Seitz

Communications Director

Born in Hong Kong and now based in London, Alexandra is the Communications Director for Regenerative Travel. She was formerly the Head of Marketing at The Luxe Nomad, Business Development Manager at creative studio AKQA and the Senior Account Manager at PR agency WE Communications. 

O'Shannon Burns

Ecosystems Steward

O’Shannon collaborates with members to co-create a vibrant ecosystem where properties can learn and discover opportunities for greater environmental and social impact. O’Shannon spent more than a decade at National Geographic collaborating with explorers and spearheading sustainability initiatives.

Tess Dunn

Lead Travel Designer

Tess began her travel career in 2012 at an eco-luxury hotel in Jackson, Wyoming and discovered her passion for regenerative travel through work in Malawi in 2016. She’s lived in Uganda and Haiti while working in social entrepreneurship and global education and has traveled to 30 countries on 5 continents


Dana Krauskopf

Hamanasi Resort (Belize)

Dana Krauskopf together with her husband, Dave, are founders and owners of the award winning Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort, a boutique eco-resort in Belize. From the start, they developed their 31 acres of coastal forest with the marine environment and local people in mind.

Marcus Cotton

Tiger Mountain Lodge Pokhara (Nepal)

Marcus is the owner of Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge in Nepal. Originally from Buckinghamshire, England, Marcus moved to Nepal over 25 years ago. He embraces the vision for Responsible Conservation Tourism and this commitment is reflected in all they do at the lodge.

Renee Kimball

Tranquilo Bay (Panama)

Before moving to Panama, Renee worked as a technology and transactions attorney  for almost 14 years. In 2004, Renee left her law career to pursue the opening of Tranquilo Bay. She now manages all guest relations and travel for the resort, in addition to overseeing its daily management and marketing. 


Every journey with us actively contributes to creating a positive impact through travel. Start planning your trip today.