Our Story

It all started in 2013 when David Leventhal realized that guests who were staying at Playa Viva, his boutique hotel in Mexico expressed it was difficult to find similar ethos driven eco-luxury resorts around the world. A few years later, he met Amanda Ho, the founder of a travel magazine who was passionate about covering sustainable hospitality in her storytelling. They connected deeply on understanding the increased desire for values-driven experiences, and went on to partner and create Regenerative Travel in 2019. 

Our Commitment

Each Regenerative Resort is selected to join the collection based on their dedication to environmental and social impact. Through an interview the hotel owner or general management, we ensure that the resort’s values are aligned from the founder and permeates through the hotel’s ethos. With our global network of travel providers including hotels, tour operators, and travel agents, we aim to be stewards of the environment by making it easy to travel consciously and creating positive impact around the world.

Our Standards

Eco-luxury Design

We look for design that encourages community while offering a balance of private and public spaces for guests to fully immerse in the environment.

Resource Management

Our resorts extend resource management beyond their boundaries, co-evolving with local communities to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Community Engagement

Our resorts work to improve local education, health, economic development, and empowering women in addition to underserved communities.

Environmental Initiatives

Our resorts are active in the restoration of environment through restoration projects, wildlife rehabilitation, and improving biodiversity.

Authentic Experiences

Our resorts engage in location-specific activities that celebrate the local culture by taking guests out into the community to engage with locals.

Sustainable Food Sourcing

Our resorts source food as locally as possible or grow produce on-site while providing plant-based options to reduce meat consumption.