A Guide To Practice Ananda for Spiritual Healing and Happiness

The practice of Ananda is one of the simplest, yet effective ways to embark on spiritual healing. Ananda is based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and today, is one the most holistic and complete approaches to good health and spirituality. The practice encompasses every aspect of human nature – physical, emotional, energetic, and mental, all at the same time. None of these concepts are neglected through Ananda, rather the practice ensures all work together in harmony. 

What is Ananda and how do you practice it?

Ananda is the Sanskrit word for bliss – the highest place of inner happiness. Ananda yoga is a worldwide spiritual movement based on the principle of finding joy. The aim of the practice is to achieve inner peace and therefore this is a technique that can effectively be used for spiritual healing.  Ananda yoga originates from the Paramashansa Yogananda school of teachings. Paramahansa Yogananda is a renowned Indian yogi who went to the West to teach.

Born from the tradition of the renowned and ancient Kriya yoga tradition, Ananda yoga emphasises the relationship between the mind, body and spirit through focusing on the connections between yoga positions, breath work, energy and chakra awareness and attitude of the mind. Ananda also uses the powerful tool of affirmation in the yoga practice which helps to raise consciousness. It is the psychological and spiritual benefits that are possible which is what the practice of Ananda is all about. The practice exquisitely attaches spiritual and meditative aspects to yoga and enhances your flow and progress in life. Essentially, Ananda yoga emphasizes inner awareness and energy control. It trains you to use the subtle energies of your body through yoga positions and raise your consciousness. Insomuch, the purpose of Ananda yoga is to facilitate a powerful inward and upward flow of energy in your body in a safe and balanced manner.


It is important to note that the practice of Ananda transcends yoga itself. Rather meditation is an integral part of Ananda yoga from the outset of one’s practice. The primary and most important activity by which all Ananda qualities are brought into alignment is through meditation. Meditation quiets the body and stills the restless mind. Furthermore, Ananda practice is significantly more beneficial after a person has established a deep, regular meditation practice which can greatly enhance one’s spiritual healing journey. 

Ultimately therefore, the practice of Ananda can increase your spirituality as you take time to reflect on what’s truly important to you and all you have to be grateful for. As you open your mind and heart to spirituality, you can tap into the healing power that comes with it. Ananda yoga in particular gives the gift of a calm mind, even in the midst of chaos, by teaching you to let go and bring awareness to every moment. In this expanded state of consciousness, you experience freedom from suffering. Regular practice of Ananda allows you to understand your essential spiritual nature and with dedication and perseverance, results in your life becoming more joyful, meaningful, and carefree. 


The Practice of Ananda and Regenerative Travel

Start your spiritual healing using the practice of Ananda by embarking on a journey of inner exploration through a meditation retreat at Regenerative Travel’s Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge, a Regenerative Resort in Nepal. This tranquil lodge is perched on a ridge outside Pokhara and is an ideal place to relinquish your stress and sink into a deeper understanding of yourself and the natural world.

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