Supply Chain Assessment Tool by Blue Apple Beach

Written byAmanda Ho | Regenerative Travel

A good supply chain assessment system is key for developing a strong environmental, social and governance program in line with regenerative values. But not every organization has the resources to invest in pricey third party certifications like the B Labs.

Here, Blue Apple Beach in Cartagena, Colombia shares its own strategy for vetting suppliers, using little more than a few Google Forms, Spreadsheets, and a Form UI plug-in called FormFacade. Using this system, Blue Apple Beach is able to quickly identify potential problem areas within its supply chain.

First, the company sends suppliers a preliminary questionnaire to capture key ESG data points. FormFacade then uses this data to generate an assessment spreadsheet, comparing the data to performance metrics Blue Apple has identified as important.

Companies scoring less than 60% on any metric are marked in red, highlighting opportunities for improvement. It is important to note that the sample documents provided are tailored to Blue Apple Beach, and should be adapted for each provider’s unique needs. Nevertheless, they offer an invaluable starting point.


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