A Toolkit on Fighting Food Waste

Written byAmanda Ho | Regenerative Travel

Accounting for 70% global biodiversity loss and 24% CO2 emissions, food waste is one of the greatest threats to the planet. Within the hospitality sector, hotel waste management programs and sustainable food systems can reinforce one another in the pursuit of social and environmental regeneration.

The World Wildlife Fund has created this useful primer to help hoteliers mitigate the negative environmental impacts associated with food waste. Fighting hotel food waste means developing a multipronged strategy to prevent and reduce, donate what is not preventable and divert what’s left. Investing in bins and proper tools to collect and measure food waste, as well as dedicating time and effort both in and out of the kitchen, can make all the difference.

Check out the primer for a detailed breakdown of reduction potential by program initiative, key food waste environmental statistics and helpful communication tips to encourage guest buy-in and compliance.


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