The Criteria

Each Regenerative Resort is selected to join the collection based on their dedication to environmental and social impact. Through an interview the hotel owner or general management, we ensure that the resort’s values are aligned from the founder and permeates through the hotel’s ethos. We consider the following criteria based on the region and location of the hotel in order to determine if they meet our regenerative standards. 

Eco-luxury Design

Eco-luxury comes from simplicity rather than opulence and from honoring nature and local architecture by valuing the craftsmanship of local artisans. We look for design that creates the opportunity to bring people together and encourages community while offering a balance of private and public spaces for people to fully immerse in the environment.

Resource Management 

The resort is dedicated to using renewable energy, water and waste stream management; eliminates single use plastics and creates transformative experiences for guests on how they can improve the quality of their ecosystem. We seek resorts who extend resource management beyond their boundaries, co-evolving with local communities on how to live healthier lives with the limited resources available.

Community Engagement

The resort makes a positive impact in the local community through working to improve local education, health, economic development, and empowering women in addition to underserved communities. The resort also trains and hires employees locally. Regenerative Resorts breaks down the barriers between a “guest” and a “local” to create “one community” between all.

Environmental Initiatives

The resort shows active work in the restoration of environment such as implementing coral, forest or mangrove restoration projects, marine and wildlife conservation/rehabilitation, and improving the surrounding habitat and biodiversity.

Authentic Experiences

Engage in location-specific activities that celebrate the local culture by creating “authentic” experiences in the true sense of the word by taking guests out in the community to engage with locals where they are.

Sustainable Food Sourcing

The resort shows a commitment to sourcing food as locally as possible or growing produce on-site to provide fresh, high-quality, organic ingredients in addition to providing vegetarian, plant-based options to reduce overall meat consumption. 

Why book with us?

Positive Impact

We believe in creating positive economic, social and environmental impact on the immediate community surrounding the property through your stay by empowering local businesses and people.

Values Aligned

Arrive to locations where you immediately feel at home because they are aligned with your values in lowering your footprint, increasing your connections and engaging mindfully.


We believe that travel offers you the opportunity to reconnect. We stand for the deep, powerful connection that comes with these experiences whether taken alone or shared with those we care most about.

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