Condé Nast Traveller: Can These Farmers Save The Planet?

Bouteco founder and Sustainability Editor at Condé Nast Traveller, Juliet Kinsman, features Regenerative Travel as she investigates the agricultural schemes offering more nutritious travel experiences with hosts inviting visitors to engage with regenerative farming and discover the benefits of a biodynamic way of living.

“Positive-impact farming initiatives are greenest when they work as closely as possible with the environment. Those who consider how their practices can help address the biggest challenges we face recognise the need for more biodiversity, richer soil and minimal chemicals entering our food systems. Spending time on a working farm is an enjoyable way to engage with nature and connect more with it for the sake of our wellbeing and that of the world at large. We take a look at the future of farming, innovative techniques and schemes, and how to learn more about it all…

Soil conservation and regeneration is the headline benefit of this agroecological approach – and arguably one of the greatest needs of the planet. While there are lots of different perspectives on specific methods, what is generally appreciated is the focus on processes, not just yield. A mixed farm that has arable and grazing stock ensures that muck from hosting animals provides a good source of nutrients and creates a closed-loop system. Grazing also enhances the microbiology of the soil thanks to the animals’ enzyme-rich saliva, and their tread turns the topsoil.

In the USA, Ranchlands properties – as featured on Regenerative Travel – are run by third-generation rancher Duke Phillips, a conservation-minded cowboy in Colorado. As well as demonstrating how responsible land management and conscious cattle-grazing can be a game-changing force for environmental regeneration, his ranches revive the epoch-old positive symbiotic relationship between animals and land. Their methods recall the natural system of pre-settler times, when herds of bison would pass through the high plains, trampling grass into the ground and turning the topsoil, recycling nutrients with their manure, then leaving the land to recover over many months. Stay in Ranchlands’ stylish experiential tented camps in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, or Wyoming and experience first-hand how they practice and preach a holistic approach to nurturing the entire ecosystem here.”

Read the full story on Condé Nast Traveller here.

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