Creating regenerative impact through travel


We all have the

power to do good

Regenerative Travel was built as a community that supports hotels as they continually seek to embody the values of regeneration. 

We promote the continual coevolution of each hotel by fostering best practice sharing, accountability through data collection and analysis, and by bringing diverse perspectives to the forefront.

The only way we will be able to heal the earth is to improve our capability to be in relationship with ourselves and our communities.

Anna Pollock, founder of Conscious Travel

How we create impact

Our hotel ecosystem enables each independent property to amplify their impact.



By collecting and analyzing our set of Regenerative Metrics, hotels avoid greenwashing, establish benchmarks, and hold themselves accountable to their goal of increasing social and environmental impact.

Best Practice

We connect the individual actions of member hotels to broader frameworks such as the Sustainable Development Goals and IPCC climate targets. By highlighting practical tools, key insights, and diverse perspectives, small independent businesses can take on the world’s big challenges.


Hotel members have access to a supportive community of like-minded peers as they grow and change. Team members from across the hotel can connect with their peers at other hotels, making multiple connections so that the collective can be better at what we do throughout our entire organizations.

Our Criteria

Each Regenerative Travel hotel is selected to join the collection based on their dedication to environmental and social impact. Our hotels embody the following standards & criteria:

Each of our hotels and experiences is deeply rooted in community and built to honor the destination itself.  Our operations are harmonious with the natural environment, history, culture, and community fabric.

We make every effort to provide all guests with outstanding personal experiences that are authentic and respectful.  Our travelers are often changed by their experience, discovering new things about the world and themselves.

We are committed to equity, inclusivity, and the continual work that is necessary to even out the current imbalance for historically excluded communities.  Our hotels are overtly welcoming of all people—travelers, employees, and community members.  We prioritize safe and comfortable working conditions, provide fair wages and benefits, and take care of our employees. 

We show sound ethical values in every element of operations, taking into account the wellbeing of communities and ecosystems of which we are a part.  Our hotels identify the challenges faced by local communities and environments, actively work to address them, and empower others to do the same.

We carefully consider ecological impacts—both locally and globally—in all of our decisions.  Our hotels actively work to address the environmental impacts of their operations and commit to monitoring environmental metrics related to water, energy, and waste to inform decision making.  We are committed to addressing the climate emergency, biodiversity extinction crisis, and promoting a circular transition to resilient economies.

Our individual actions are amplified when shared with our community.  We are proud to be socially- and environmentally-responsible companies, and essential to our corporate identity is the commitment to share regenerative values and practices with all stakeholders.  We also commit to transparency so that we can holistically evaluate our operations, be held accountable by our community, and to continually coevolve our practices.

Regenerative Metrics

Regenerative Travel has partnered with Weeva as our preferred data capture platform specifically crafted for the tourism sector, focusing on sustainability management. We connect the individual efforts of our member hotels with larger frameworks, including the Sustainable Development Goals and the IPCC climate targets. Through Weeva, we highlight practical tools and insights, empowering even small, independent businesses to tackle significant global challenges.

Member hotels gain access to a vibrant community of peers, fostering connections across the industry. This network enables team members from various hotels to exchange ideas and strategies, strengthening our collective capacity for impactful change. Weeva’s alignment with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) and the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) certifying criteria further reinforces its efficacy. It assists members in achieving or maintaining GSTC-recognized certifications through meticulous data management and reporting. 

Data Point Description
Total kg sent to landfill
Total kg diverted from landfill (reused, recycled, composted, etc)
Value generated from repurposed waste as a percentage of a monthly living wage in the property’s location
Total litres used from mains / municipal systems
Total litres used from low-impact sources
Total litres reused through wastewater management
Total surplus to requirements that passed on to other users
Total usage kwh
Total generated / used from clean sources
Total surplus to requirements fed back into the grid
Other energy sources and uses (diesel, gas, generators, vehicles, etc)
Percentage of workers from underrepresented groups
Percentage of management from underrepresented groups
Percentage of promotions from underrepresented groups (annual)
Percentage of social media posts (that feature people) featuring customers from underrepresented groups
Percentage of local workers (from within 15km of the property)
Total hours spent staff training as a percentage of total hours worked
Total amount spent to staff training as a percentage of wage bill
Total hours spent on community outreach educational programs as a percentage of total hours worked by staff
Amount spent on community outreach educational programs as a percentage of staff wage bill
Posts that mention or display regenerative practices or values on social media as a percentage of total posts
Number of contributions to the RT community, sharing best-practice experiences or knowledge
Amount that flowed into the local economy (100km) through your business (can include tips, donations, suppliers, wages, etc) as a percentage of total revenue
Lowest remuneration as a percentage of highest remuneration
Ratio of local suppliers to non local suppliers (100km)
Average salary of non-white non-males as a percentage of average salary of white males
Total salaries of non white non males as a percentage of total salaries of white males
Investment into clean infrastructure, conservation, children’s education, local training programs as a percentage of total outgoings

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