Stephen Satterfield of Netflix’s ‘High On The Hog’ On Travel and Regeneration

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Stephen Satterfield – host of the acclaimed Netflix docuseries High on the Hog – to headline the Regenerative Travel Summit 2021. 

For food writer, producer, and media entrepreneur Stephen Satterfield, food is a means of better understanding humans and the world. In 2016, Satterfield founded Whetstone, a groundbreaking magazine and media company dedicated to food origins and culture from around the world. 

Recognized as one of the most respected voices in American food media, Satterfield considers diversity as key to his and Whetstone’s work: ‘When the gatekeepers are diverse, so too are the stories, its tellers and their experiences.’ To date, he and his team have worked with global creatives representing over 80 countries. 

For Satterfield, ‘Travel has always been an immense education. It’s been an opportunity for me to connect to a place, to a population or group of people with intention in an effort to educate myself, not just about where I am, but really about my own connection to the experience of being a human being, which fascinates me every single day.’

In the critically acclaimed Netflix limited docuseries High on the Hog, Satterfield traces the deep roots of Black American food – from Benin in West Africa to the Southern United States. In each of his stopovers, Satterfield shares the narratives of chefs, authors, food growers, and historians who have contributed to enriching Black foodways.

Satterfield’s take on travel as a means to educate oneself lends itself well to the values-driven ethos behind regenerative travel. ‘Regeneration really is about healing. And I think as a traveler, one of the things that we learned is how to adopt a disposition of humility and wonderment and care. And these are all things that are really hard to access in our normal lives. And so I hope for myself and for others who travel that we can bring back these bits of wisdom from our encounters, with other people, places, and culture, and in doing so, heal ourselves and our communities.’

Satterfield will be headlining the forthcoming Regenerative Travel Summit 2021, a virtual summit slated on September 20 to 22. In his talk, “Honoring Food Origins and Culture,” Satterfield shares highlights from his decade-long career in food anthropology and how food can be considered a means of connecting to the human experience and better understanding the world. 

The Regenerative Travel Summit 2021 brings together diverse perspectives in regeneration—from established thought leaders to emerging innovators—to discuss how the travel industry can be designed to thrive and serve as a catalyst for change, generating economic, social, and environmental wealth. The summit invites changemakers from the travel industry and beyond to develop their regenerative mindset, learn about practical solutions for the industry’s greatest challenges, and tools to unite travel with conscious consumers’ desire to do good. 

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