Join the TED Countdown with TEDxSUMAS: January 23, 2021

Register to attend TEDxSumas on January 23, 2021 (it’s free) here.

With a mission to educate sustainable development leaders, students from the Sustainability Management School (SUMAS) in Switzerland are curating a free TEDxSUMAS seminar on Saturday, 23rd January. An open invitation for everyone from citizens to companies to national decision-makers, the event is part of the global TED Countdown – a collaboration for a cooler, thriving, resilient, and fairer future.

The TED Countdown’s goal? Simple: ‘cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 in the race to a zero-carbon world’. The initiative seeks to champion bold climate crisis solutions with Countdown creative projects, Count Us In practical climate action, and climate conversations sharing cutting-edge science, research, and innovative ideas. Creating a clean future blueprint means drawing on expertise from the likes of scientists, urban planners, investors, farmers, artists, activists, and many more, with Countdown’s effort centering on five interconnected pillars of our society: energy, transport, materials, food, and nature. This year, up until October’s Countdown Summit, is the year for accelerated progress.

The TEDxSUMAS event kicks off with a panel discussing the question, “What and Who is Sustainability For?” Pertinent for a globalized world where our actions have far-reaching consequences, experts shedding light on this include AWorld app co-founder and CEO Alessandro Armillotta, international broadcast journalist Ana Maria Montero, and sustainable hotel expert Juliet Kinsman. The “Translating Sustainability Into Action” session sees entrepreneur and author Gunter Pauli, author and BYE founder Oscar di Montigny, and founder of Impact Investing School and Galileo International Impact Investing Centre co-founder Svetlana Baurens exchange thoughts. “Transforming The Fashion Industry” is next on the agenda with Aquafil Group CEO Giulio Bonazzi, ShareMyBag founder and CEO Silvia Vanni, ECOALF founder and president Javier Goyeneche, and SUMAS professor and Ecolution Consulting founder André Harms.

The last of the talks will be on “Transforming The Hospitality Industry” with Regenerative Travel co-founder Amanda Ho, Hospitality Management professor and Audit Diagnostic Solutions Tourism senior partner Willy Legrand, and Itandc sustainable tourism consultant Diana Körner.

Register to attend TEDxSumas on January 23, 2021 here.

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