Regenerative Travel x Craveiral Farmhouse

Gastronomic Residency

Embark on a culinary journey in Portugal

Join our Gastronomic Residency Program from November 4-17, 2024



Utilize fresh vegetables, mushrooms, eggs, and produce sourced on-site to develop two tasting menus throughout the program.



Visit local producers, fish markets, and the surrounding region with additional ingredients sourced locally and learn zero waste and circular economy principles.



Join an engaging session focused on Regenerative Agriculture, where we'll delve into its meaning, implementation in the hospitality sector, and share experiences.

Apply to become one of the four hand-picked talented chefs to join our residence at Craveiral Farmhouse

Over the course of two weeks, you will utilize an array of ingredients sourced directly from our farm, focusing on vegetables, mushrooms, eggs, and fresh produce. Embracing local sourcing, you will be challenged to incorporate additional ingredients from nearby producers.

Embark on an exclusive culinary journey with Regenerative Travel's inaugural Gastronomic Residency in Portugal.

  • We challenge you to develop 2 tasting menus: vegan, vegetarian, or normal ( includes 2 starters, 2 mains and 1 desert).
  • You will be able to create recipes that can be used in your own kitchen, incorporating your own techniques, flavors and knowledge.
  • The menus and your profile will be featured in Regenerative Travel’s upcoming print and digital magazine alongside your recipes and will also be utilized by Craveiral Farmhouse. 
  • You will have the flexibility and creative freedom to work during this period. 
  • Design recipes and technical information.
  • Final presentation of the menus in Lisbon.
  • Train from Lisbon to Craveiral Farmhouse (round trip)
  • Accommodation in Lisbon for two days
  • Accommodation at Craveiral Farmhouse for the duration of the program, full board (all meals), and soft drinks
  • International airfare to Portugal
  • Car rental for the duration

Learn from experts

Workshop: Regenerative Agriculture in Hospitality

Join an engaging session focused on Regenerative Agriculture, where we'll delve into its meaning, implementation in the hospitality sector, and share experiences.

  • Introduction to Regenerative Agriculture: Understanding its principles and practices
  • Exploring How  Regenerative Agriculture is Transforming Hospitality: Operational insights from Regenerative Travel Hotels
  • Integrating Organic and Permaculture Practices: Farm to table focus
  • Overcoming Challenges in Regenerative Agriculture within Hospitality:
    • Resource Management
    • Observation and Adaptation
    • Design Based on Systems Thinking
    • Community Engagement and Empowerment
    • Tracking Production Variations, Improvements, and Inefficiencies
    • Staff Education and Training
  • Gastronomic Advisor: André Magalhães is a dynamic figure in the gastronomy world, known for his roles as co-owner of Lisbon’s trendy Taberna da Rua das Flores and as a consultant for Omali Lodge Boutique Hotel in São Tomé e Príncipe.
  • Permaculture specialist: Rodolfo Pereira, a seasoned organic farmer since 2010, now serves as the Permaculture Manager at Craveiral Farmhouse. At Craveiral, Pereira has worked on projects centered around sustainability and innovation.
  • Hospitality businesses have the opportunity to be conscious about the way they connect experience-fruitors to food, by choosing how the food was produced and sourced. Reconnecting people to their food chain has the power to reframe their thinking and actions – helping them realize they have the agency to choose healthier, regenerative alternatives in the way they source and eat their food.  Prompt action is urgently needed to address the loss of fertile soil, biodiversity, and indigenous crops. Regenerative agriculture systems incorporate organic and permaculture practices. 

Our Residency

A rustic farmhouse with a contemporary design, Craveiral Farmhouse harks back to the simplicities of the past and combines this with the comforts of modern living. Authenticity, belonging, simplicity, sharing and wellbeing are key concepts that are at the heart of everything that happens and is created at Craveiral. This countryside farm allows you to enjoy the rhythms of nature, the calmness of slow-moving days and the freshness of orchard-grown produce.

Apply to join

Applications open until April 19, 2024