Top Honeymoon Destinations for 2021

There’s no greater gesture of love, unity and promise than celebrating your life partnership with an eco-luxe honeymoon at an idyllic Regenerative Resort at one of our top honeymoon destinations for 2021.

Spend your first honeymooning days together relaxing in an overwater bungalow with the sound of warm tides softly lapping below, treasure intimate moments over farm-to-table meals amidst glowing lanterns and treetop views, or venture into rugged tropical jungle and excite in a quest to spot local wildlife. A stay in unspoiled paradise is truly unforgettable, an experience honouring special guests with once in a lifetime travel that leaves as meaningful an impact on you as on the environment and community you visit. If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury getaway, share your new beginning with a regenerative destination.

Top Honeymoon Destinations 2021

top honeymoon destinations 2021

Bawah Reserve (Indonesia, Asia)

A honeymoon trip at Bawah Reserve exudes exclusivity and elegance. With unbridled immersion in the essence of Indonesia’s breathtaking islands and seascapes, this marine conservation area is a paradise for quality time. Take your time enjoying a special castaway picnic, secreted away in your very own secluded spot on one of thirteen private beaches. Fancy a sunrise or moonlit ocean dip? An overwater bungalow positions you just breaths above the sea. Beneath infinite stars, The Lookout is romantically lantern-lit and offers a private, memorable evening with wine and dinner à deux. A stay at Bawah Reserve supports Anambas Foundation, which gives back to the community. Subject to availability, Regenerative Resorts offers an upgrade from Garden Suite to Beach Suite when you book with us.

Rates start at $1,780 per night. Schedule a complimentary travel consultation with Regenerative Travel here to learn more about Bawah Reserve.

top honeymoon destinations 2021

Kokomo Private Island (Fiji, Oceania)

A jewelled paradise in the glistening crown of Fiji, Kokomo Private Island offers a secluded honeymoon retreat for newlyweds. Swoon over seamlessly blended luxury Fijian and sustainably designed villas, gaze across an endless horizon of ocean, relax in grandeur and bask in the Fijian Kokomo family’s warmth. A stunning sunset paints a romantic backdrop for indulging in seasonal farm-to-table and Dock to Dish Fijian feasts. Explore the world’s fourth largest reef, the Great Astrolabe Reef, with diving, snorkelling, kayaking and a variety of sea activities, or choose to marvel at colourful coral and marine life through a glass bottom boat. Kokomo Private Island is the ultimate luxury island honeymoon getaway. An exclusive one-on-one experience with the inhouse marine biologist awaits when you book through Regenerative Resorts.

Rates start at $1,995 per night. Schedule a complimentary travel consultation with Regenerative Travel here to learn more about Kokomo Private Island.

top honeymoon destinations 2021

Shinta Mani Wild (Cambodia, Asia)

For a once in a lifetime honeymoon trip, there’s no place quite as exhilaratingly boundless as Shinta Mani Wild. Stay in a luxurious private waterfall tent, a carefully designed space reflecting a serene harmony with the river valley and surrounded by the pristine Southern Cardamom National Park forest. Balance adventure and wellness with an array of healing Khmer spa treatments and a chance to kayak, zip line, trek, mountain bike, join an anti-poaching patrol and so much more! Sip on wild cocktails and enjoy foraged meals as you unveil nature’s magic. A conservation sanctuary guaranteed to excite, this other-worldy resort is perfect for the intrepid couple. Book now with Regenerative Resorts for a Bensley Collection gift and complimentary room upgrade.

Rates for private villas start at $660 per night, luxury safari camp rates start at $1,900 per night. Schedule a complimentary travel consultation with Regenerative Travel here to learn more about Shinta Mani Wild.

top honeymoon destinations 2021

GoldenEye and Strawberry Hill (Jamaica, Caribbean)

Play with the legacy of daring romance and live out your ultimate fantasies at beachfront GoldenEye, following in the footsteps of Ian Fleming’s James Bond. Dancing with spectacular tropical mountains further inland, continue on to Strawberry Hill for an unrivalled honeymoon experience. There’s magic on the island, an intimate haven embedded with botanical gardens and glistening lagoons. Begin a sensual evening with hand-dyed batik robes and locally sourced botanical beauty products. Sleep under stars with the beach hut’s louvered windows for relaxed, cool days and nights. Or, for your own secret garden experience opt for a private villa surrounded by lush greenery. A honeymoon at GoldenEye and Strawberry Hill supports their work with the Oracabessa Foundation. Sip on a complimentary Sunset Blackwell Rum cocktail and room upgrade when you book with Regenerative Resorts.

Rates start at $373 per night for Strawberry Hill and $578 per night for GoldenEye. Schedule a complimentary travel consultation with Regenerative Travel here to learn more about GoldenEye and Strawberry Hill.

top honeymoon destinations 2021

Nay Palad Hideaway (Philippines, Asia)

A luxury oasis where dreams come true, Nay Palad Hideaway grants you the gift to write your own honeymoon story as one of our top honeymoon destinations for 2021. Nestled on Siargao island between a white sand beach, ancient mangroves and turquoise waters, breathtaking views impart a true sense of wonder as you lay back in a sustainably designed villa. From discovering secluded natural pools to island hopping, land tours to water sports, there’s a tailor-made day and night for you and your partner. Treat yourselves to a surprising twist on national dishes centered on the fresh catch of the day, accompanied by organic, locally sourced produce. The effortless splendour and ease of barefoot luxury awaits at socially responsible and regenerative Nay Palad Hideaway. Book soon to receive a complimentary villa upgrade, subject to availability, as a Regenerative Resort perk.

Rates start at $660 per night. Schedule a complimentary travel consultation with Regenerative Travel here to learn more about Nay Palad Hideaway.

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