Recharge and Reawaken Safari Retreat in Tanzania

10-day Journey
From $9,850 / person
Tanzania Safari
About the Private Itinerary

November 8-15 , 2023

This November, take the chance to “Recharge and Reawaken” with a small group of like-minded individuals on a 7-night hosted safari retreat in Tanzania where you will be able to relax into the care of both the warmly supportive facilitators and the hospitable and generous hosts. This retreat is for you if:


  • You wish to discover or revisit the beauty of the Tanzanian landscapes and her abundant wildlife.
  • You yearn for the opportunity to change perspective and to embark on a journey of self-discovery.
  • You desire positive, transformational changes in your life.


Hosted by: Gayle Higginbotham, founder of Oculus Travel, designs bespoke itineraries for regenerative travel journeys across Africa. She works with individual travelers as well as various special interest groups with varying passions, but all with a common goal of exploring Africa in an environmentally-conscious, regenerative way. As a dedicated and caring host, Gayle eagerly looks forward to supporting you through your African adventure. Cherero Kantabile Afrika, led by Vivian Temba, will provide organizational and logistical support for the entire retreat in addition to hosting 3 nights of the itinerary at its beautiful Aurari Camp in the Serengeti.


Facilitated by: Nathalie Sommer, a Relationship Coach specializing in emotional empowerment and life transformation, with over 8 years’ experience hosting group retreats, loves to help clients rediscover themselves, and to support them as they embark on the life they seek.

Melanie Angerer specializes in the fields of holistic integration through holistic nutrition, movement pedagogy, massage therapy, and the psychology of eating. She is passionate about creating joyful coaching conditions which allow individuals to share and sparkle in their own unique way.  

Highlights & Activities

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Visit Ngorongoro Crater
Scenic grandeur and stunning views are the hallmarks of this wonder of the world, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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Safari at Serengeti National Park
Embark on an 1h40 scenic safari in the sky to reach the northern part of Serengeti National Park, a renowned wildlife sanctuary.
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Hot air balloon ride
Have the option to liberate our souls by floating in the skies in a hot air balloon at dawn to soar above the wild expanse of the Serengeti.

Private Itinerary

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Nimali Tarangire

Capture the stillness and serenity of remote safari plains from elegant tented suites, designed to honor the vivid landscape and captivating wildlife of Tanzania.

Regenerative Impact

This retreat is a collaboration between two Regenerative Travel members: Kantabile Afrika, owner of Cherero Camp, a Regenerative Hotel,  and Oculus Travel, founding Agent of Change.

Kantabile Afrika offers an eco-conscious luxury experience at its 2 locations in Tanzania and was founded on the principle of doing things the right way – placing integrity, purpose and harmony above all else.
Maintaining the health of the land and the communities that reside within it has always been a primary focus. Oculus Travel has the principle of Regenerative Travel at its core and only works with partners that share this ethos.
As an agent of change, Oculus Travel serves to disrupt the meaning of “luxury travel” and helps travelers to pursue impactful experiences and meaningful connections as the sought-after “luxuries”.
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$9850 per person
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in high season


$9850 per person
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$9850 per person
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