Island Escape: 8-Day Galapagos Women's Retreat

8-day Journey
From $4,250 / person
About the Private Itinerary

Length - 8 days / 7 nights

Indulge in the ultimate 8-day Galapagos Women Tour, where adventure meets relaxation and exploration meets empowerment. This carefully curated journey celebrates the spirit of womanhood as you uncover the wonders of the Galapagos Islands, immersing yourself in captivating experiences designed exclusively for women.


Enjoy all the activities that this tour has to offer, from snorkeling to exploring the diverse marine life on different islands to hiking and biking to witness the majestic landscapes of the Enchanted Islands. Whether you seek the thrill of conquering rugged landscapes, desire cultural immersions in far-flung corners of the world, or simply want to push your own boundaries, a women-only adventure tour offers a transformative and empowering path. So, don’t wait any longer and embark on the adventure of a lifetime!



  • Open only for these departure dates: Oct 23, 2023/ Feb 5, 2024/ May 27, 2024/ Aug 19, 2024. 
  • The operation of the tour is available for a minimum of two passengers. In the event that the minimum passenger requirement is not met, the tour will be subject to cancellation or rescheduling. Participants will be notified two months before if the tour will operate or not.
  • Female-only tours will include select tours that are on a shared basis, accommodating other couples, solo travelers, and families. These shared tours are intended to offer a diverse and inclusive travel experience.
  • The female-only tour is designed to provide an intimate and personalized experience, ensuring a maximum of twelve passengers per tour. This limited group size enables a close-knit and engaging environment for all participants, creating a meaningful connection and shared experiences that will create memories to last a lifetime and create intimate bonds with other female travelers.
  • By booking a female-only tour, participants acknowledge and accept that the tour may involve shared activities and accommodations with other travelers, provided that the core focus and essence of the tour remain centered on creating a supportive and empowering environment for women. Participants are expected to adhere to the principles of respect, inclusivity, and cooperation throughout the tour.

Highlights & Activities

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Ceviche Cooking Class
Learn how to make one of the most famous dishes in the Galapagos and enjoy this culinary experience.
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Kicker Rock
The favorite place for an array of marine birds, and a high chance to see different Galapagos sharks.
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Los Tuneles
Snorkel in the clear waters and swim with numerous fishes, sharks, and more unique animal species.
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Santa Cruz Highlands
You will be surrounded by impressive flora and fauna including giant tortoises in their natural habitat and unique volcanic features.
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Beach Yoga Session
Have one of the best relaxing moments in the Galapagos at Tortuga Bay Beach with this immersive yoga session.

Private Itinerary

  • Summary

Regenerative Impact

The 8-day Galapagos Women Tour offers empowerment through challenging activities, fostering camaraderie and connections among participants.This transformative journey encourages personal growth, inspiring further exploration. By supporting women-led initiatives, it creates opportunities and visibility. Overall, it provides a regenerative experience, leaving cherished memories, empowerment, and new perspectives.

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Being conscious of the impact that travel and tourism activities have on the environment and local communities. Making responsible choices to minimize negative effects while maximizing positive contributions to both the destination and the overall well-being of the planet.
Appreciation, respect, and empathy that travelers develop for the diverse cultures, customs, traditions, and ways of life they encounter in different destinations. Actively seeking to learn about and engage with the local culture in a meaningful and respectful manner. Cultural understanding enhances the travel experience by fostering meaningful connections, breaking down stereotypes, and contributing to more responsible and immersive tourism.
Minimizing negative impacts on the environment, preserving cultural heritage, and benefiting local communities while promoting positive travel experiences. Balancing the economic, social, and environmental aspects of tourism to ensure that destinations remain vibrant, authentic, and viable for both present and future generations.

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$4250 per person
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