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Cheesemaking on the Oasy Farm

As it peeks over the mountainous horizon, rise with the sun to start your day on the farm and get your hands stuck into a “from milk to cheese” process. Afterwards, enjoy the fresh cheese of your labour with a delicious lunch.

Fish the Wild Western Caribbean Coast with Local Fishermen

The secluded western Caribbean coast of Panama is wild and undeveloped, which is exactly what makes fishing these waters so remarkable. Local fishermen in Bocas del Toro fish year-round for snapper, jacks and barracuda.

Cinnamon Island Farm Visit

Take an intimate glimpse into the generational story of Sarath and his family, expert growers of cinnamon, fruits, vegetables, and spices on their island smallholding. Cross the lake to his home in a dhoni boat and sit and drink cinnamon tea while he and his wife demonstrate how this highly sought-after spice is produced.

Taste the Fruit of a Pioneering Regenerative Farm

Finca Luna Nueva is a leading exponent of the “regenerative agriculture” revolution, and a visit to their farm will introduce you to a “beyond organic” celebration of holistic food production, including 90 species of tropical fruit trees.

Dive or Snorkel the Western Hemisphere’s longest continuous Barrier Reef

Explore the colourful underwater kingdom of the South Water Caye Marine Reserve, the largest marine reserve in Belize and part of the world’s second largest barrier reef. Teeming with rich biodiverse marine systems and wildlife, you can also expect to find beautiful coral reefs, seagrass meadows, and mangroves.

Release Baby Sea Turtles

Witness the release of baby sea turtles as they instinctively scamper into the waves toward their new lives of open-ocean roaming.

Track Wolves in the Oasy

Venture through over 2500 acres of the Oasy’s verdant nature reserve and trace the paths along which this predator stalks in search of prey, whilst not forgetting to check camera traps and learn the magnificent wolf’s habits and behaviors.

Fascinate with Legends of the Iditarod

Visit with the resident Sled Dog Team to learn the incredible stories and histories surrounding one of the world’s most challenging races, the Iditarod.

Witness 10,000 year old Icebergs

Each spring 10,000-year-old icebergs sail past Fogo Island’s shores before moving on to warmer waters. Enjoy a cocktail chilled by iceberg fragments while soaking in one of the rooftop hot tubs.

Sip the Scottish Spirit of Whiskey

Taste the centuries of tradition that infuse the famed Scottish spirit on a distillery tour, learning the varied and sometimes unusual techniques used throughout the region and trying a few rare vintages along the way.
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