Top 5 Regenerative Farm-To-Table Hotel Experiences

Farm-to-table dining is the most natural and invigorating way for us to eat. There’s nothing more gratifying than mouth-watering dishes prepared from a fresh harvest, or better yet, food harvested by your own hands! Think locally sourced, organically nurtured, seasonal produce that is bursting with unparalleled flavor and nourishment for both you and the earth. Not only does farm-to-table cuisine support local suppliers and ecologies, it cuts down lengthy and polluting transport mileage, advocates for healthy, regenerative farming, and provides an abundance of inspiration for chefs and diners alike. Wonder through colorful and fragrant edible gardens, taste vibrant sun-kissed fruits, try exotic vegetables you may never have heard of, and learn about a resort’s regenerative food philosophy and practice from local guides. Discover our top five hotels to have an immersive farm-to-table experience around the world.

Finca Luna Nueva in La Fortuna, Costa Rica

The essence of Finca Luna Nueva is a shining passion for a regenerative relationship with natural resources. Certified biodynamic, a farm approach of replenishing and feeding into the natural life cycle is key to a harmonious, sacred bond with the land and ecosystem. Reflected in unimaginably flavourful produce, rejuvenate with healthy and nourishing meals at the onsite restaurant. Make your own chocolate in a dedicated workshop using locally grown cacao, help milk a cow, take a fascinating medicinal plant tour, or journey through the rainforest on a farm-to-table tour with an enthusiastic, experienced guide. Take home an unforgettable experience packed with insight and knowledge to share with family and friends.

Rates start at $127 per night. Schedule a complimentary travel consultation with Regenerative Travel here to learn more about Finca Luna Nueva.

Hotel Awa in Puerto Varas, Chile

Nestled in a breathtaking landscape of Patagonian national parks, volcanoes and Lake Llanquihue, Hotel Awa’s approach to cuisine reflects an ethos drawing resources and inspiration from their doorstep. Intent on bringing the supply chain closer to home for fresher ingredients and reduced travel miles, over 80% of their suppliers are local, responsible companies, and committed to environmental practices. Hotel Awa grows over forty different organic vegetables in their regenerative huerta (vegetable garden), currently supplying half of the kitchen’s needs, further biodiversified with native trees, shrubs, aromatic herbs and a biointensive orchard for a healthy ecosystem. There’s no better way to experience this than visiting the gardens and harvesting the very food that skilled chefs will later prepare. Dishes may include delicately mosaiced octopus cured with citrus, and a subtle cream pudding infused with regional liqueur.

Rates start at $175 per night. Schedule a complimentary travel consultation with Regenerative Travel here to learn more about Hotel Awa.

Playa Viva in Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Cultivating not only a nourishing and healthy Mexican cuisine, eco-luxury Playa Viva believes in building relationships with local farmers and the land they work with. Sourcing seasonal greens, vegetables and seeds from their own organic garden, visit the budding orchard bursting with jackfruit, pomegranates, mangoes and cashew nuts to appreciate their close connection to food. During your stay, you’re invited to volunteer and spend time in food production and reforestation for a true feel for the land. After a delicious dinner, unwind in a luxurious and award winning oceanfront Treehouse room, epitomising the regenerative design at the heart of Playa Viva.

Rates start at $270 per night. Schedule a complimentary travel consultation with Regenerative Travel here to learn more about Playa Viva.


Craveiral Farmhouse in Alentejo, Portugal

Taste the vibrancy of authentic Portugal along the Alentejo Coast at Craveiral Farmhouse, with delighting delicacies cooked to traditional perfection. An abundance of foods to try, delve in with regional specialities from bread, to tomato soup, to warming medronho (a traditional fruit brandy), or opt for bio pizzeria and barbecue from onsite restaurants. This modern-luxury destination sits on nine hectares of land, a perfect plain to embrace expansive nature. In harmony with seasonal eating, the restaurant uses produce from organic farming and an orchard, with guests able to use freshly picked products for their own salad. There is always a supply of game and fresh fish by local fisherman, and excess vegetables feed the farm’s goats, chickens and pigs. A grounding air of peace, comfort and natural luxury awaits.

Rates start at $156 per night. Schedule a complimentary travel consultation with Regenerative Travel here to learn more about Craveiral Farmhouse.


Morgan’s Rock in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Explore this eco-luxury hacienda’s fervor for reforestation and regenerative agriculture. Start with tree planting before being immersed in the organic farm way of life, learning about the Morgan’s Rock ethos with hands-on experiences. Take a nature tour to see tropical forest ecosystems or hear about sustainable shrimp and organic farming methods. Enjoy fresh dairy and farm-to-table breakfasts from an optional morning’s labor of love milking cows, collecting eggs, visiting the animals, and making fresh tortillas in a traditional start to the day. Serving special Nicaraguan dishes and international flavors, relax in the outdoor restaurant overlooking the private beach, surrounded by forest, and a prime viewing place for breathtaking sunsets.

Rates start at $463 per night. Schedule a complimentary travel consultation with Regenerative Travel here to learn more about Morgan’s Rock.

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