Playa Viva Founder David Leventhal on His Ten Year Regenerative Journey

Amanda Ho interviewed her Regenerative Travel co-founder, David Leventhal, to discuss his regenerative journey at Playa Viva

Why Regenerative, Why Now: Co-Founder David Leventhal on Ethos, Service, and Luxury

On the shores of Juluchuca, Mexico, one hotel has moved beyond simple sustainability and is actively regenerating the landscape — all while providing the highest level of luxury.

Solaz, A Luxury Collection Resort, Los Cabos: Setting The Standard for Responsible Luxury

In 2014, Hurricane Odile swept through always-sunny Los Cabos, and for hoteliers, the results were devastating.

Building the Future Through Regenerative Design with Architect Bill Reed

An architect, planner and visionary, Bill Reed, a principal in Regenesis Group, has been working in the realm of integrating shelter, community and nature since the 1970s—before the sustainability and regenerative development movements had a name.

Acre Baja: Where Luxury Is Found On The Plate In Los Cabos

Unlike many colossal resorts found in Los Cabos, Acre Baja – a 25-acre intimate jungle oasis located 10 minutes outside San José del Cabo – aims less for impressiveness and more for authenticity.

Hotel El Ganzo: An Art Hotel for the Eco-Conscious

“Where are you staying?” Ivana, the owner of Chula Vegan Café in San José del Cabo, asks as I rabbit my way through a colorful bowl of crunchy vegetables and locally made sauerkraut.

Mexico City’s Culinary Renaissance; Diverse, Local and Proud

“Since the 90s, there has been a resurgence of Mexican cultural proudness,” chef Gabriela Camara tells us over fresh tuna tostadas on the patio of her restaurant Contramar, the Mexico City institution that has become famous for its local seafood.

Sayulita: The Not So Sleepy, Bohemian-Surfers Paradise

After two months of constant traveling and intense hiking in the Andes of Peru, I found myself daydreaming about tropical beaches with palm trees and hammocks, where I could lay around, drink mojitos, and listen to the ocean.

Guadalajara: Fire In The Heart of Mexico

Like the photos we snap between flights and courses, the balance between unclouded tradition and present sophistication exists only within a moment.

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