As part of our ongoing commitment to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the travel and hospitality sector, Regenerative Travel is producing a series of Best Practice Papers aimed to create an actionable knowledge base within the travel industry.

More than fifteen hoteliers and industry professionals leading the regenerative journey via plastic resource management were selected and interviewed according to their specific practices.

We’re seeing encouraging changes in the industry when it comes to supply chain management but we recognize that as an industry, travel still has a long way to go. In this paper, we focus on Resource Management for Plastic.



The paper is intended to act as a practical guide for hospitality professionals to be inspired to reduce their use of plastics and provides actionable tips for how to implement these changes. 

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Our Best Practice Paper

Best Practice Paper Overview

With more than 80% of global tourism concentrated within coastal regions, the responsibility the hospitality industry bears in combating this crisis is obvious, but in-land and urban tourism can also play a significant role via river pollution carrying plastics downstream and into the ocean.

This paper will offer an in-depth look at the multilateral and multifaceted strategies one hotel is leveraging to minimize its plastic footprint at the source – its supply chain – as well as additional practical tips for other hotel and tour operators to get started.

  • Emboo River Camp
  • African Bush Camps
  • Hamanasi Resort
  • Andronis Concept
  • Fogo Island Inn
  • Future Found Sanctuary
  • Tiger Mountain Lodge 

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