Aurélie Gilles – Landsby
When we wrap unique experiences together with a stay that has character and purpose, it makes for the perfect trip that we know travelers will be seeking for years to come! These trips are not just good for the traveler, but also reverberate positively on the communities we visit.
Aurélie Gilles – Landsby

Get to know Aurélie Gilles – Landsby

Destination and regional expertise:

Canada – Provinces of Ontario and Quebec

Type of travel:

One-of-a-kind, Experiential, Adventure, Family, Road Trip & City Breaks

What makes your travel planning regenerative?

I strive to encourage travelers coming to Landsby to explore off-the-beaten-path destinations within Canada, leading them to naturally connect with locals for a truly unique and authentic travel experience that benefits both the traveler and the local community. The main goal is for them to have the opportunity to see Canada from a different lens, the one not a lot of travelers know about. It is truly rewarding for me to be able to impact the travel industry as we contribute to its regeneration while educating Canadian travelers to reconnect with their own country in an authentic and sustainable way.

I have dedicated my career to helping travelers fully experience the many beautiful places in this world. I was born and raised in a small fishing village in Normandy, but curiosity led me to explore the world and I fell in love with tourism. The joy of connecting travelers with destinations in a meaningful way has been the root of my life’s work.
I joined the Landsby family because the company’s values of creating authentic and immersive experiences aligned perfectly with my own driving principles. Creating life-changing experiences, connecting with local cultures and lifting up communities through tourism is at the heart of every trip I carefully create and plan for my clients.

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