Become an
Agency of Change

Represent the mission of regenerative travel to help further the shift we want to see in our industry.

Champion the values of regeneration


Be a Regenerative Trailblazer

We have created our new membership to help further our mission and help values-aligned agents bring regenerative travel to their clients and thus be stewards of change.


Connect with Conscious Travelers

Our trade community has the opportunity to harness Regenerative Travel's multi-platform community reaching engaged conscious consumers by aligning with our mission.


Create A United Industry

We believe that our trade partners are an essential part of the travel industry ecosystem and we aim to help unite all regenerative changemakers to help create a deeper impact together.

Membership Inclusions

Please note we are only accepting 50 agencies at this level in 2024


  • Access for entire agency for 1 year including:
    • Invitation to Regenerative Travel group FAM trips
    • Access competitive commission rates available alongside the exclusive membership perks at RT Member Hotels
    • Agency will have access to monthly online educational convenings
    • Agency will receive access to quarterly virtual trade showcases featuring RT hotels and individual introductions to member hotels
    • RT hotel fact sheets and image gallery
    • Access to the Community forum
  • RT direct consumer marketing for individual agents:
    • RT will create a database listing including agent name, profile details and contact information on the RT website for consumers
    • Agents will have an opportunity to list featured itineraries on the RT website
    • Agent will be listed as a specialist 
      • RT will track leads and inquiries sent to each agent direct from the RT website
    • Agent will be promoted through 1x shared email newsletter highlighting their agency and region of focus/special experiences they create to entire RT database (traveler and industry)
    • Agent will be featured in press release announcing new agent members and relevant news 
  • Affiliation:
    • Use of “Agency of Change” name and logo in marketing content and channels
  • Access for entire agency for 1 year including:
    • Access to Regenerative Resources and monthly online educational webinars
    • Access to the Community forum
    • Access to monthly agent programming and virtual product showcases
    • Access to competitive commission rates available alongside the exclusive membership perks at RT Member Hotels
    • RT hotel fact sheets and image gallery
  • Affiliation:
    • Use of “Aspiring Agency of Change” logo in marketing content and channels

now accepting rolling applications

Agency Criteria

Agencies will be scored on a basis of 30 points with a maximum of 10 points per section.


Agencies who receive a minimum of 20 points will be eligible for the “Agency of Change” level membership. Agencies who reach a minimum of 10 points will be eligible for “Aspiring Agency of Change” level membership badge. 


For Agents who meet the “Agency of Change” level criteria we will reach out to schedule a 30 minute interview to learn more about their trip planning ethos.

Our Scoring System

Criteria Description
Does your company actively communicate regenerative values to clients? (YES/NO)
Please share the page(s) on your website that promote your commitment to sustainable, responsible, conscious or regenerative travel.
Do you have guidelines or a code of behavior for clients to minimize any negative impacts? (YES/NO)
Is your company involved in or contribute to at least one social, environmental or cultural program external to the company? (YES/NO)
Does your company avoid booking hotels and DMCs that use single-use plastic? (YES/NO)
When selecting service providers, hotels, and experiences do you favor those that are locally owned or operated? (YES/NO)
What other criteria do you use when selecting your partners?
Please list the most recent hotels you have booked for your clients (you may list up to 20).
Have you booked any Regenerative Hotel members? (YES/NO)
Does your company monitor and work to reduce environmental impacts of your operations? (YES/NO)
Has your company pledged to the Glasgow Declaration? (YES/NO)
Does your company balance carbon emissions? (YES/NO)
What steps are you taking to reduce the carbon footprint of your business?

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